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2014 seasonSeason Preview: Colorado’s mix of veteran stars and young talent did not produce many wins last season, and 2017–18 may be more of the same unless a lot of key players have the seasons they are capable of. Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog are budding superstars, but it may be a few more years before the Avs make a run at the Stanley Cup.

2014 season Season Recap: The young Avs took a slight step backwards in 2015–16, failing to win close games they had the year before. Even so, the talent is there to be a playoff contender, with Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog, Nate MacKinnon and Tyson Barrie still heading into their prime years. Colorado will need goalie Semyon Varmalov to return to his old form if the team hopes to make a run at the finals.

January 4, 2016: Jarome Iginla scored his 600th NHL goal.

Season Preview: The Avalanche are rebuilding around young talent, and this year could mark a return trip to the playoffs. The team added several solid defensemen, including Nikita Zadorov. They hope he joins Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, Matt Duchene, and Erik Johnson to form a winning foundation.

2014 seasonDecember 31, 2014: Borna Rendulic scored against the Flyers to become the first NHL player born in Croatia to score a goal.

Season Preview: Three young stars will lead the Avs into battle in 2014–15, centers Nathan MacKinnon and Matt Duchene, and left wing Gabriel Landeskog. veteran Daniel Briere joins the club and will provide veteran experience. The Colorado defense will feature goalie Semyon Varmalov and defenseman Erik Johnson. All five players rank among the best in the business. Colorado will score goals this year; the question is, can the Avalanche keep opponents off the board?

April 13, 2014: Semyon Varlamov finished the year with 41 victories—the most among NHL goalies. He also led the league with 1,867 saves.

April 10, 2014: Semyon Varmolv's 41st win broke the team record set by Patrick Roy in 2000–01.

March 3. 2014: 18-year-old Nathan MacKinnon broke the NHL record held by Wayne Gretzky when he scored a point in his 13th game in a row. Gretzky scored in 12 straight when he was 18 in 1979–80.

Season Preview: The big news in Colorado this season is not on the ice, but behind the bench. Patrick Roy is the team's new coach, and Joe Sakic is calling the shots as GM. The team is developing a group of young scorers, and Roy will give them a system in which they can succeed. Hopefully, the defense will hold up—it's the team's weakest spot. Gabriel Landeskog should bounce back from a bad concussion lat year and team with Paul Stastny and Alex Tanguay to give the Avs one of the best lines in the West.

Team Spirit Extras

You'd think they could have fit Anton's whole head on this button. (Author's Collection)




Team Spirit Extras

You can't really tell from this card, but Dale Hunter was a scary dude. He was only 5' 10", but every inch of that was muscle. (O-Pee-Chee Ltd.)




Serge Bernier — Right Wing
Born: 4/29/1947
Played for Team: 1973–74 to 1980–81
Serge Bernier "jumped" to the Nordiques from the NHL's L.A. Kings when the WHA started up in 1973. A good scorer in the NHL, he became a great one in the WHA—including 54 goals and 68 assists in his second season. In 2010, he was a member of the first class of players enshrined in the World Hockey Association Hall of Fame.

Anton Stastny — Left Wing
Born: 8/5/1959
Played for Team: 1980–81 to 1988–89
Anton Stastny played his entire career beside his brother, Paul, and for four years with their brother, Marian. Anton was a talent scorer and playmaker, and contributed on defense, too. He score between 25 and 40 goals in each of his first eight seasons. He and Paul are the only brothers to record 8 points in a game, and they did it on the same night in 1981!

Dale Hunter — Center
Born: 7/31/1960
Played for Team: 1980–81 to 1986–87
Dale Hunter's job with the Nordiques was to make sure no one pushed around their high-scoring stars. Hunter himself could put the puck in the net—he score 20 or more goals four times for the Nords.

Valeryi Kamensky — Left Wing
Born: 4/18/1966
Played for Team: 1991–92 to 1998–99
Along with Joe Sakic, Valeryi Kamensky was one of the young stars who started with Quebec and ended up winning a Stanley Cup in Colorado. He had 22 points in 22 playoff games on the way to the NHL title in 1996.

Matt Duchene — Center
Born: 1/16/1991
First Season with Team: 2009–10
Matt Duchene joined the Avs at age 18 and at age 20 became the youngest player to lead the team in scoring.

Team Spirit Extras

Patrick Roy signed this photo that shows how well he cut down angles and covered the goal. (Author's Collection)


In 1997, Valeryi Kamensky scored a goal against the Florida Panthers while spinning in midair. The amazing play was used in a popular video game and later became a YouTube sensation.

Marc Tardiff scored 316 goals during his years in the World Hockey Association. All but 32 were scored as a member of the Nordiuqes. No one scored more more goals in the history of the WHA.

In 2001–02, Patrick Roy won 40 games, including 9 shutouts. He also led the NHL with a 1.94 goals-against average. All three were still team records at the start of the 2013–14 season.

Team Spirit Extras

I remember seeing Marc Tardiff play in a couple of WHA games when I was a teenager. He was clearly the best player on the ice. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

Real Cloutier was an amazing goal-scorer. He was a little past his prime when he played in the NHL, but still a "shooting star" as this magazine says. (Hockey Illustrated)


1975–76 — Marc Tardif — 71*
1977–78 — Marc Tardif — 65*
1978–79 — Real Cloutier — 75*
2002–03 — Milan Hejduk — 50

* Led the World Hockey Association

1972–73 — J.C. Tremblay — 75*
1975–76 — Marc Tardif—  77*, J.C. Tremblay— 77*
1977–78 — Marc Tardif — 89*/**
2002–03 — Peter Forsberg — 77

* Led the World Hockey Association
** Tied with another player

1975–76 — Marc Tardif — 148*
1976–77 — Real Cloutier — 141*
1977–78 — Marc Tardif — 154*
1978–79 — Real Cloutier — 129*
2002–03 — Peter Forsberg — 106

* Led the World Hockey Association

2001–02 — Patrick Roy — 1.94

2000–01 — Joe Sakic — + 45*
2002–03 — Milan Hejduk — + 52, Peter Forsberg — + 52

* Tied with another player

1974–75* Winnipeg Jets Lost 0–4
1976–77* Winnipeg Jets Won 4–3

* Team played as the Quebec Nordiques

1995–96 Florida Panthers Won 4–0
2000–01 New Jersey Devils Won 4–3
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