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2014 seasonSeason Preview: Detroit has a good mix of old stars and young prospects. If they learn to play together and everyone performs as they should, the Red Wings could make the playoffs. They will need big years from youngsters Andreas Athanasiou and Dylan Larkin to make up for an aging roster.

2014 seasonSeason Recap: The Red Wings finished with 93 points during a season that saw exciting young players join the team’s old-timers. Dylan Larkin and Tomas Tatar joined veterans Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg among the scoring leaders, while Petr Mrazek won 27 games in goal at age 23. Detroit fell in the first round of the playoffs to the Lightning.

Season Preview: NHL goalies will have to keep a sharp eye on Detroit’s swift and powerful young forwards in 2015–16. They will carry more of the load this season as the team’s older stars begin to slow down, and strengthen the club’s already-lethal power play. If the defense and goaltending play well, the Red Wings will turn in anther 100-point season.

2014 seasonRecap: The Red Wings finished with an 100 points. Detroit got solid seasons out of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg, who was among the league leaders with 49 assists. Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist also had fine seasons, finishing 1–2 in goals on the team. The Red Wings gave the Tampa Bay Lighting all they could handle in the first round, but lost the series in seven games despite being ahead 3 games to 2.

Season Preview: The Red Wings are getting older, but are they getting better? That is the question veterans like Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, and Henrik Zetterberg will have to answer in 2014–15. They'll get help from up-and-coming stars Tomas Tatar and Riley Sheahan. Jimmy Howard will handle the bulk of the goaltending duties.

April 8, 2014: Mike Babcock passed Jack Adams as Detroit's winningest coach, with his 414th regular season victory.

Season Preview: Detroit nearly bumped the Blackhawks out of the playoffs last year—and CHicago went on to win the Stanley Cup. Does that make the Red Wings the second-best team in the NHL? They certainly think so. With the addition of veterans Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson, and a clutch goalie in Jimmy Howard, the Wings seem to have all the right ingredients for a championship recipe.

Team Spirit Extras

This 1933 card of Larry Aurie shows him on the team when it was called the Falcons. It was one of the first cards that came packed with a stick of bubble gum. (Hamilton Gum)




Team Spirit Extras

Jack Stewart was my Dad's name. When I was little and I'd read about the Red Wings, I thought they were talking about my father...until I saw him try to skate! (Author's Collection)




Team Spirit Extras

This octagonal card of Marcel Pronovost came with jars of peanut butter in the 1960s. (York Peanut Butter)




Team Spirit Extras

This was Chris Osgood's rookie card. It came out in 1993. (Topps, Inc.)




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Igor Larionov signed this photo—at least I think it's his signature. I guess they didn't teach penmanship in Russia! (Author's Collection)


Larry Aurie — Right Wing
Born: 2/8/1905
Died: 12/12/1952
Played for Team: 1927–38 to 1938–39
Larry Aurie was one of the smallest men in the NHL when he played, but he was considered the heart of Detroit's team in the 1930s. Always hustling and never backing down, Aurie was part of Detroit's first great line, along with Marty Barry and Herbie Lewis. Aurie was a First–Team All-Star in 1936–37 and also led the NHL in scoring.

Ebbie Goodfellow — Defenseman/Center
Born: 4/9/1907
Died: 9/10/1985
Played for Team: 1929–30 to 1942–43
Midway through Ebbie Goodfellow's career, he was moved from the front line to the back line. As a defenseman, he was a three-time All-Star and won the Hart Trophy in 1940 ads league MVP.

Syd Howe — Left Wing
Born: 9/28/1911
Died: 5/20/1976
Played for Team: 1934–35 to 1945–46
Syd Howe was part of three championship teams in Detroit. He was a streaky scorer who once netted six in a game against the Rangers. Howe's greatest skill was his ability to play many positions well, including center and defenseman. He spent as much time on the ice as any forward of his time.

Jack Stewart — Defenseman
Born: 5/6/1917
Died: 5/25/1983
Played for Team: 1938–39–40 to 1942–43 & 1945–46 to 1949–50
Jack Stewart's monstrous body checks made him the most feared defenseman of his time. During the 1943 Stanley Cup Finals against the Bruins, his physical play led Detroit to a four-game sweep.

Terry Sawchuk — Goalie
Born: 12/28/1929
Died: 5/31/1970
Played for Team: 1949–50 to 1954–55, 1957–58 to 1963–64 & 1968–69
Terry Sawchuk won the Calder Cup and Vezina Trophy in his first full year with the Red Wings, and then went on to help them win three Stanley Cups. He was a master at playing the angles, and dared opponents to shoot. Sawchuk played goal with an unusual "gorilla crouch" style, hunching low to the ice with his shoulder spread wide.

Marcel Pronovost — Defenseman
Born: 6/5/1930
Played for Team: 1949–50 to 1964–65
No one skated harder than Marcel Pronovost. Unfortunately, everyone was better at stopping. Pronovost crashed into teammates, opponents, the boards, goals and goalies, and was constantly injured. However, he was such an artist when it came to stick-checks and poke-checks that he became indispensible to the Wings—as well as a First-Team All-Star and Hall of Famer!

Alex Delvecchio — Center
Born: 12/4/1932
Played for Team: 1950–51 to 1963–74
Of all the NHL players that spent their entire career with one team. no one played longer than Alex Delvecchio. Though he was never the star of the Wings, he earned great respect from teammates and opponents for his smart play, snappy wrist-shot, and excellent passing. Delvecchio retired at age 41 with 456 goals and 825 assists.

John Ogrodnick — Left Wing
Born: 6/20/1959
Played for Team: 1979–80 to 1986–87 & 1992–93
In his first six full seasons with the Wings, John Ogrodnick scored nearly 250 goals. His 55 goals in 1984–85 were the most ever for a Detroit player at the time.

Chris Osgood — Goalie
Born: 11/26/1972
Played for Team: 1993–94 to 2000–01 & 2005–06 to 2010–11
Chris Osgood was the man in goal for the Red Wings when they swept the Washington Capitals in the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. After fove years playing for other teams, he returned to Detroit and helped the club win another championship in 2008. He narrowly lost the Conn Smythe voting that spring to teammate Henrik Zetterberg.

Igor Larionov — Center
Born: 12/3/1960
Played for Team: 1995–96 to 2002–03
Igor Larionov was in his mid-30s when he joined the Red Wings. He and Slava Fetisov provided leadership for Detroit's young Russian stars, including Sergei Fedorov, Vladimir Konstantinov, and Slava Kozlov.

Johan Franzen — Left Wing/Right Wing
Born: 12/23/1979
First Season with Team: 2005–06
When Johan Franzen gets hot, he is practically unstoppable. His scoring streaks are legendary around the NHL, and made him a fan favorite in Detroit. He tied the team mark shared by Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay by scoring goals in five straight playoff games. In 2010, Franzen set a new team record when he registered six points in a playoff game against the San Jose Sharks.

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Johan Franzen signed this photo. I remember the spring of 2008. It seemed like he scored the winning goal in every game. (Author's Collection)


In a 1996 game against the Hartford Whalers, Chris Osgood fired a puck the length of the ice into an empty net. He became the second goalie in history to score in a regular season game.

In the final months of the 2007–08 season, there was no one more dangerous with the puck than Swedish star Johan Franzen. In March, he scored a team-record six game-winning goals. In the weeks that followed, he score five more game-winners during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In 1945, Jack Stewart began a long feud with Boston's Milt Schmidt. While most hockey feuds are forgotten as the years go by, Stewart and Schmidt disliked each other until the day they died. Even so, Schmidt had to admit that his nemesis was probably the best defenseman of the 1940s.

Team Spirit Extras

I have a lot of these old French-language magazines. I got good grades in French class in school, but they're still really hard to understand. (Sport Revue)



Team Spirit Extras

Terry Sawchuk played for the Rangers when I was a kid and I saw him close-up after a game. I swear it looked like he must have had 100 stitches in his face. (Topps, Inc.)


1936–37 — Larry Aurie — 23
1947–48 — Ted Lindsay — 33
1948–49 — Sid Abel — 28
1950–51 — Gordie Howe — 43
1951–52 — Gordie Howe — 47
1952–53 — Gordie Howe — 49
1956–57 — Gordie Howe — 44
1962–63 — Gordie Howe — 38
1964–65 — Norm Ullman — 42

1946–47 — Billy Taylor — 46
1949–50 — Ted Lindsay — 55
1950–51 — Gordie Howe — 43*
1952–53 — Gordie Howe — 46
1953–54 — Gordie Howe — 48
1956–57 — Ted Lindsay — 55

* Tied with another player

1949–50 — Ted Lindsay — 78
1950–51 — Gordie Howe — 86
1951–52 — Gordie Howe — 86
1952–53 — Gordie Howe — 95
1953–54 — Gordie Howe — 81
1956–57 — Gordie Howe — 89
1962–63 — Gordie Howe — 86

1933–34 — Wilf Cude — 1.47**
1936–37 — Norm Smith — 2.05
1942–43 — Johnny Mowers — 2.47
1951–52 — Terry Sawchuk — 1.90
1952–53 — Terry Sawchuk — 1.90
2007–08 — Chris Osgood — 2.09

** Also played for the Montreal Canadiens

1991–92 — Paul Ysebaert — + 44
1995–96 — Vldimir Konstantinov — + 60
2001–02 — Chris Chelios — + 40
2007–08 — Pavel Datsyuk — + 41

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I just have the cover of this old program. If I had the rest of it, it would be worth a lot of money. (Author's Collection)


Team Spirit Extras

Steve Yzerman hoists the Cup on this special souvenir program. (Detroit Free Press)

1933–34 Chicago Blackhawks Lost 1–3
1935–36 Toronto Maple Leafs Won 3–1
1936–37 New York Rangers Won 3–2
1940–41 Boston Bruins Lost 0–4
1941–42 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 3–4
1942–43 Boston Bruins Won 4–0
1944–45 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 3–4
1947–48 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 0–4
1948–49 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 0–4
1949–50 New York Rangers Won 4–3
1951–52 Montreal Canadiens Won 4–0
1953–54 Montreal Canadiens Won 4–3
1954–55 Montreal Canadiens Won 4–3
1955–56 Montreal Canadiens Lost 1–4
1960–61 Chicago Blackhawks Lost 2–4
1962–63 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 1–4
1963–64 Toronto Maple Leafs Lost 3–4
1965–66 Montreal Canadiens Lost 2–4
1994–95 New Jersey Devils Lost 0–4
1996–97 Philadelphia Flyers Won 4–0
1997–98 Washington Capitals Won 4–0
2001–02 Carolina Hurricanes Won 4–1
2007–08 Pittsburgh Penguins Won 4–2
2008–09 Pittsburgh Penguins Lost 3–4
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