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20132017 Season Roundup: Fans had low expectations for the Bears heading into the season, but the defense gave them lots to cheer about. They allowed an average of under 14 points a game in December. On offense, Jordan Howard ran for more than 1,000 yards and rookie Mitch Trubisky took a step toward becoming Chicago’s quarterback of the future.

October 22, 2017: In a 17–3 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Chicago’s Eddie Jackson scored both touchdowns—one on a 76-yard interception return and the other on 75-yard run after recovering a fumble. The rookie safety was the first defensive player to score two touchdowns of 75 yards or more in the same game. Jackson was named Defensive Player of the Week.

2017 Season Preview: Questions at quarterback and a so-so group of receivers mean that running back Jordan Howard will be carrying a heavy load in 2017. Leonard Floyd leads a pass rush that must get to the quarterback more often in 2017, or another 3-win season could be the result.

20132016 Season Roundup: The Bears hoped to improve on their six wins in 2015, but ended up with just three in 2016. They did not win a single road game, and much of the year was spent trying to replace their injured quarterback, Jay Cutler. Whatever cheering Chicago fans did was usually for rookie Jordan Howard. He went from third-string running back to team leader, with 1,313 rushing yards. That mark was second in the NFL and earned him an invitation to the Pro Bowl.

2016 Season Preview: The Bears made small improvements almost everywhere on the field heading into 2016. However, they will probably go only as far as Jay Cutler talented passing arm will take them. The Chicago pass rushers and linebackers also will have to make big plays this season if the team hopes to finish with a winning record. Newcomers Jerrell Freeman, Danny Trevathan and Akiem Hicks will need to be game-changers.

20132015 Season Preview: The Bears plan to rebuild their team in 2015. Jay Cutler is a competitive quarterback, but he may not have the weapons to outscore opponents. The pressure will be on the defense to play near-perfect football.

2013December 28, 2014: Matt Forte caught his 102nd pass to set a new record for catches by a running.

October 12, 2014: The Bears became the first pro football team to win 750 games when they defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27–13.

September 1, 2014: The combination of QB Jay Cutler, running back Matt Forte and receiver Alshon Jeffrey gives Chicago a solid offense. The key to the Bears' season may be in its pass defense. While the defensive line has improved, there are still many questions about their cornerbacks and safeties.

2013September 4, 2013: Lots of question marks surround the Bears in 2013. How will they do without Brian Urlacher? Can new coach Marc Trestman get the offense jump-started? Can Jay Cutler stay healthy at quarterback? One thing the Bears can count on is exceptional special teams play. Nothing is more electrifying than watching Devin Hester receive a kick and start upfield.

2013February 2, 2013: The Bears were looking like champions midway through the 2012 season with a 7–1 record. But 5 losses in their next 6 games kept them out of the playoffs. The poor second half cost coach Lovie Smith his job.

November 4, 2012: In a game against the Tennessee Titans, the Bears became the first team to score TDs on a pass, run, interception and blocked punt in the same quarter.

October 7, 2012: Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman each returned an interception for a touchdown in a victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. One week earlier, Briggs and Tillman also returned interceptions for scores against the Dallas Cowboys.

Summer, 2012: Injuries to Matt Forte and Jay Cutler late in the year ruined a fun season for the Bears. In 2012, Forte has a new running mate in Michael Bush and Cutler has a new target in Brandon Marshall. Everyone knows you can't run against Chicago, so if the Bears can stop the passing game, they could challenge the Green Bay Packers for the division title.

Team Spirit Extras

Joe Stydahar signed this Hall of Fame card right before he died in 1977. (Fleer Corp. )


Team Spirit Extras

During his years with the Bears, Stan Jones worked as a grade-school gym teacher. He must have looked like a real bear to those kids. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

The Bears have never had another pass rusher like Richard Dent. (Author's Collection)


Joe Stydahar — Lineman
Born: 3/17/1912
Died: 3/23/1977
Played for Team: 1936 to 1946
Joe Stydahar was the first draft pick in team history. He used his massive size to open up holes for Chicago's running backs. Stydahar was an All-Pro six times from 1936 to 1942.

Bulldog Turner — Center/Linebacker
Born: 3/10/1919
Died: 10/30/1998
Played for Team: 1940 to 1952
Clyde "Bulldog" Turner was one of the NFL's best at two positions—center and linebacker. A running back in high school, he was small by pro football standards even 70 years ago. Turner used his quickness to make up for his lack of size.

Stan Jones — Offensive Lineman
Born: 11/24/1931
Died: 5/21/2010
Played for Team: 1954 to 1965
Stan Jones was one of the first NFL players to use a weight-training program to build his strength and flexibility. During the 1950s, he was one of the top blockers in all of football. In 1962, Jones played on offense and defense for the Bears because of injuries to other players. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1991.

Doug Atkins — Defensive Lineman
Born: 5/8/1930
Played for Team: 1955 to 1966
At 6' 8", Doug Atkins was one of the tallest players in the NFL in the 1950s and 1960s. In college, Atkins played football and basketball, and was a high-jumper on the track team. He was great at rushing the quarterback and also batting down passes. Atkins's favorite move was to shove a blocker into the quarterback just as he was throwing a pass.

Richard Dent — Defensive Lineman
Born: 12/13/1960
Played for Team: 1983 to 1993
Richard Dent was the top pass rusher on the great Chicago defenses of the 1980s. During the Bears' run to the championship, Dent sacked the quarterback four times and caused two fumbles in a playoff game against the New York Giants, and forced two more fumbles against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. He was named MVP of the game.

Team Spirit Extras

Did Hasbro break the mold when they made a Refrigerator Perry action figure? They probably should have. (Author's Collection)


George Halas is remembered as a great coach, but sports fans in the 1920s remembered him as a great two-sport athlete. In 1919, he led his team to victory in the Rose Bowl by scoring both touchdowns in a 17–0 victory. One TD came on a pass, and the other was a 77-yard interception return. Later that year, Halas played a dozen games in the outfield for the New York Yankees.

Near the end of the 1940 championship game, the Bears had kicked so many extra points that officials were afraid they would run out of footballs. After their final two touchdowns, Chicago agreed to try for two-point conversions instead of making more one-point kicks. They made one and won the game 73–0.

After the Bears won the Super Bowl in 1986, everyone fell in love with rookie William "The Refrigerator" Perry. That year Hasbro came out with a special action figure of "The Fridge."

Team Spirit Extras

Rick Casares was offered a chance to box professionally at 15. His mother wouldn't let him, so he turned to football instead. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

I just love this picture of Johnny Lujack. Sport magazine had some beautiful covers in the 1940s. (Macfadden Publications)



Team Spirit Extras

Talk about great magazine covers. Check out the old leather helmet on Sid Luckman! (Life Magazine/TIME/Life)


1934 — Beattie Feathers — 1,004
1939 — Bill Osmanski — 699
1956 — Rick Casares — 1,126
1966 — Gale Sayers — 1,231
1969 — Gale Sayers — 1,032
1977 — Walter Payton — 1,852

1964 — Johnny Morris — 1,200

1943 — Sid Luckman — 2,194
1945 — Sid Luckman — 1,727

1932 — Bronko Nagurski — 4
1934 — Beattie Feathers — 8 (tied for NFL lead)
1941 — Hugh Gallarneau — 8
1942 — Gary Famiglietti — 8
1950 — Johnny Lujack — 11
1956 — Rick Cesares — 12
1977 — Walter Payton — 14

1933 — Bill Karr — 3 (tied for NFL lead)
1933 — Luke Johnsos — 3 (tied for NFL lead)
1934 — Bill Hewitt — 5
1935 — Bill Karr — 6 (tied for NFL lead)
1947 — Ken Kavanaugh — 13
1954 — Harlon Hill — 12
1955 — Harlon Hill — 9
1964 — Johnny Morris — 10 (tied for NFL lead)
1970 — Dick Gordon — 13

1937 — Bernie Masterson — 9
1943 — Sid Luckman — 28
1946 — Sid Luckman — 17 (tied for NFL lead)

1934 — Jack Manders — 69
1965 — Gale Sayers — 132
1985 — Kevin Butler — 144

1942 — Bulldog Turner — 8
1963 — Rosey Taylor — 9 (tied for NFL lead)
1990 — Mark Carrier — 10
2012 — Tim Jennings — 9

1985 — Richard Dent — 17

1933 NFL Championship New York Giants Won 23–21
1934 NFL Championship New York Giants Lost 30–13
1937 NFL Championship Washington Redskins Lost 28–21
1940 NFL Championship Washington Redskins Won 73–0
1941 NFL Championship New York Giants Won 37–9
1942 NFL Championship Washington Redskins Lost 14–6
1943 NFL Championship Washington Redskins Won 41–21
1946 NFL Championship New York Giants Won 24–14
1956 NFL Championship New York Giants Lost 47–7
1963 NFL Championship New York Giants Won 14–10
1984 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Lost 23–0
1985 NFC Championship Los Angeles Rams Won 24–0
1985 Super Bowl XX New England Patriots Won 46–10
1988 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Lost 28–3
2006 NFC Championship New Orleans Saints Won 39–14
2006 Super Bowl XLI Indianapolis Colts Lost 29–17
2010 NFC Championship Green Bay Packers Lost 21–14


Note: Prior to 1933, there was no official NFL Championship Game. The team with the best record was named champion by the league. The Bears were APFA champions in 1921 and NFL champions in 1932. The American Professional Football Association (APFA) changed its name to the National Football League (NFL) in 1922.

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