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20132017 Season Roundup: The Bucs played far better than their 5–11 record indicates. The problem was they were in the NFC South, where their three rivals were all playoff teams. QB Jameis Winston showed improvement in his third season, while Mike Evans had another sensational year as a receiver. Gerald McCoy led a defense that was especially good against the pass.

2017 Season Preview: Quarterback Jameis Winston is ready to have a career year, and the Bucs have surrounded him with the talent he needs. DeSean Jackson joins wide receiver Mike Evans and tight end Cameron Brate to give Tampa Bay an exciting passing attack. If the defense plays as well as it did in the final two months of 2016, then 2017 should be a playoff year.

20132016 Season Roundup: The Bucs had a fine season under new coach Dirk Koetter, winning 10 games. Young Jamieis Winston took a step forward toward becoming a top NFL quarterback, with more than 4,000 passing yards. Mike Evans had a great year as Winston’s go-to receiver. Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy led the 15th-ranked defense. Had injuries not hit the Tampa Bay backfield, the Buccaneers might have won a couple more games and made it back to the playoffs for the first time since 2007.

2016 Season Preview: Quarterback Jameis Winston has superstar written all over him. Running backs Doug Martin and Charles Sims are a good 1¬2 punch. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are excellent receivers. If the offensive line can give these stars time to do their thing, the Bucs should be a winning team. That could also depend on the defense, of course. There is a ton of potential on that side of the ball, but so far only Gerald McCoy and Vernon Hargreaves have shown they can be difference-makers.

20132015 Season Preview: Rookie Jameis Winston and his young receivers should give Tampa Bay fans lots to cheer about, and Doug Martin is a quality runner. But the Bucs’ defense has a long way to go before the team challenges for a playoff spot.

2013September 7, 2014: The team debuted its new uniform and logo in a loss to the Carolina Panthers.

September 1, 2014: New coach Lovie Smith hopes to turn Tampa Bay's defense into one of the top units in the NFC. He'll need big years from Alterraun Verner, Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David to do so. Quarterback Josh McCown has some big targets to throw to, but he may be doing some running thanks to a leaky offensive line.

2013November 17, 2013: Rookie Mike Glennon completed 20 of 23 passes (87%) in a victory over the Atlanta Falcons. No first-year player had ever completed more than 85% of his passes in a game.

September 4, 2013: Which Josh Freeman will show up in 2013—the confident rising star from 2011 or the passer who finished 2012 with the two worst games of his career? The Bucs are betting he'll make better use of weapons such as running back Doug Martin, wide receivers Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson, and the best offensive line in the NFC. The defense is good but not great. However, Tampa Bay has lineman Gerald McCoy, its finest defensive tackle since Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

2013February 2, 2013: Greg Schiano’s first year as an NFL coach saw the Bucs set a new team record with 389 points. Josh Freeman passed for more than 4,000 yards and rookie Doug Martin ran for nearly 1,500. The defense was great against the run but could not stop enemy passers. The result was a 7–9 record.

November 4, 2012: Greg Schiano’s first year as an NFL coach saw the Bucs set a new team record with 389 points. Josh Freeman passed for more than 4,000 yards and rookie Doug Martin ran for nearly 1,500. The defense was great against the run but could not stop enemy passers. The result was a 7–9 record.

Summer, 2012: The lockout in 2011 hurt the Buccaneers, who were depending on a lot of young players. With a full summer to practice, they should improve greatly in 2012. Quarterback Josh Freeman was the happiest man in Florida when he heard Tampa Bay had signed wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Team Spirit Extras

Ricky Bell breaks a tackle against the Philadelphia Eagles on the cover of this 1980 magazine. The Bucs looked like they were headed for a Super Bowl around this time, but the San Francisco 49ers were also becoming a great team, so it didn't happen for Tampa Bay in the 1980s. (Sports Illustrated/TIME Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

Trent Dilfer signed this card. He never became the great quarterback Tampa fans hoped he could be. It was nice that he won a Super Bowl after he left. The only problem is that he beat MY NEW YORK GIANTS!!! (Score)


Ricky Bell — Running Back
Born: 4/8/1955
Died: 11/28/1984
Played for Team: 1977 to 1981
After their winless 1976 season, the Buccaneers held the first pick in the 1977 draft. They selected Ricky Bell and made him the highest-paid rookie in history at that time. In 1979, Bell ran for 1,263 yards and helped the Bucs reach the NFC title game. In the movie made about his life, Bell was played by the actor Mario Van Peebles.

Tony Mayberry— Offensive Lineman
Born: 12/8/1967
Played for Team: 1990 to 1999
During the 1990s, Tampa Bay's most dependable player was probably their center, Tony Mayberry. At 6' 4" and nearly 300 pounds, he was a strong and agile blocker. Mayberry was picked to play in the Pro Bowl after each season from 1996 to 1998.

Trent Dilfer — Quarterback
Born: 3/13/1972
Played for Team: 1994 to 1999
After struggling for two seasons, Trent Dilfer became the first Tampa Bay passer to make the Pro Bowl, in 1996. He teamed with running backs Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott to give the team a well-balanced attack. After an injury ended Dilfer's 1999 season early, the Bucs decided not to re-sign him. Dilfer signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 instead...and led them to victory in the Super Bowl that season!

Warrick Dunn — Running Back
Played for Team: 1997 to 2001
The Bucs were at their best when Mike Alstott was barreling through the line and Warrick Dunn was sprinting toward the sidelines. Despite sharing the team's carries with Alstott, Dunn had two 1,000-yard seasons.

Simeon Rice — Defensive Lineman
Born: 2/24/1974
Played for Team: 2001 to 2006
Simeon Rice was the last piece in the puzzle for the Bucs in their march to the Super Bowl. He teamed with Warren Sapp to give Tampa Bay an unstoppable defensive line. In six seasons with the Bucs, he had 69.5 sacks.

Team Spirit Extras

I wrote a kids book with Steve Young in the 1990s. He did not have many happy memories of his time with the Bucs. (Topps, Inc.)


After more than 35 years and dozens of quarterbacks, Vinny Testaverde is still the Bucs' all-time passing leader, with 14,820 yards. During his six seasons in Tampa Bay, Testaverde topped 3,000 yards twice. Unfortunately, he also led the NFL in interceptions twice.

No team asked more of a running back during the 1980s than the Bucs asked of James Wilder. In 1984, he set an NFL record with 407 carries in a season and almost broke the league's then-total yardage record of 2,245. In a game against the Green Bay Packers that season, Wilder carried the ball 43 times to tie an NFL record. Jamie Morris of the Washington Redskins broke Wilder's record four years later, with 45 carries.

Quarterback Steve Young began his NFL career with the Bucs and won just three games in two seasons. Tampa Bay decided he wouldn't amount to much and sent him to the San Francisco 49ers for two draft picks. Young went on to win two MVP awards for San Francisco.

Team Spirit Extras

Ronde Barber was always one of the smallest people on the field, but as this photo shows, he was a fast and fearless tackler. (Black Book Partners)



No Buc has led the league in rushing yards.

No Buc has led the league in receiving yards.

No Buc has led the league in passing yards.

No Buc has led the league in rushing touchdowns.

No Buc has led the league in receiving touchdowns.

No Buc has led the league in passing touchdowns.

No Buc has led the league in points.

1999 — Donnie Abraham — 7 (tied for NFL lead)
2001 — Ronde Barber — 10 (tied for NFL lead)
2002 — Brian Kelly — 8 (tied for NFL lead)

No Buc has led the league in sacks.

1979 NFC Championship Los Angeles Rams Lost 9–0
1999 NFC Championship St. Louis Rams Lost 11–6
2002 NFC Championship Philadelphia Eagles Won 27–0
2002 Super Bowl XXXVII Oakland Raiders Won 48–21
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