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20132017 Season Roundup: The Cowboys had a tough schedule in 2017 and their nine wins were just one short of what they needed to make the playoffs. Dak Prescott had a good year after his sensational rookie season—and receivers Dez Bryant and Jason Witten were good as usual— but running back Ezekiel Elliott missed six games for disciplinary reasons. DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving led the team’s pass rush with 21.5 sacks.

November 30, 2017: Dez Bryant scored his 72nd career touchdown in a victory over the Redskins. That broke the team record held by Bob Hayes.

2017 Season Preview: Can the young Cowboys repeat their fantastic 2016 season? Most experts say NO. But with a good, young quarterback playing behind a wall of Pro Bowl linemen, anything is possible. Dallas depends on its linebackers to lead the defense, but they will need a better pass rush to become a trye championship contender.

20132016 Season Roundup: An offensive line anchored by Tyron Smith, Zack Martin & Travis Frederick gave first-year stars Zak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott the protection they needed to lead Dallas to a 13–3 record. Elliott led the NFL in rushing with 1,631 yards and Prescott threw for 3,667 yards and 23 TDs and was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Linebacker Sean Lee was the star of the defense, but the Dallas D could not stop the Packers in the playoffs. The Cowboys’ season ended with a 34–31 loss on their own home field.

2016 Season Preview: Dallas has one of the best group of blockers in the NFL and they will need it. The team is starting two rookies in key positions: quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott. If the defense can improve over 2015, the Cowboys could challenge for the top spot in the NFC East.

20132015 Season Preview: With DeMarco Murray now playing for the Eagles, the offense will lean heavily on Tony Romo and his receivers. The Cowboys have a solid offensive line, but their defense has several weak spots.

2013October 19, 2014: Running back DeMarco Murray set a new record by gaining 100 yards or more in the season's first seven games. The old record was held by Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

September 1, 2014: The Dallas offense seems to have all the pieces it needs for Tony Romo to put points on the scoreboard. The question is whether the Dallas defensive keep them off? Payroll problems led to the loss of Jason Hatcher and DaMarcus Ware, and Sean Lee—a star in 2013—will miss 2014 with an injured knee.

2013October 6, 2013: Tony Romo became the 15th quarterback in league history to throw for more than 500 yards in a game. He completed 25 of 36 passes for 506 yards and 5 touchdowns, but Dallas lost to the Denver Broncos 51–48.

September 4, 2013: Tony Romo leads the Dallas offense into the 2013 season with several question marks to address. Receiver Dez Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray need to stay healthy, and the offensive line has to improve. If the pass defense can also stay healthy, the Cowboys should win 10 games easily.

2013February 2, 2013: A good season was ruined with a loss to the arch-rival Redskins in the final week. It cost Dallas a division title and trip to the playoffs. The Cowboys’ pass rush was awesome all year. DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer and Jason Hatcher combined for 26.5 sacks.

December 23, 2012: Jason Witten broke the record for pass receptions by a tight end during a game against the New Orleans Saints. Witten's 103rd catch of the year set a new mark. One week later, he added to his record with seven more to make it 110.

October 28, 2012: Jason Witten caught 18 passes in a game against the New York Giants. That set a new league record for tight ends—and was the third-most catches ever in an NFL game.

Summer, 2012: The Cowboys were good all year in 2011, except at the end of a handful of games. That was enough to knock them out of the playoffs. In 2012, Tony Romo returns to lead the team, and Dallas has a new featured runner in DeMarco Murray. The pair will be the keys to the offense.

Team Spirit Extras

When I was little, I saw a scary movie starring an actor named Cornell Wilde. From that day on, I always mixed up Cornell Wilde and Cornell Green. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

I hope Roger Staubach bought Rayfield Wright a lot of steak dinners, because Wright was the guy who kept pass-rushers from making hamburger out of Staubach. (Topps, Inc. )


Team Spirit Extras

Where would the Cowboys have been without Jason Witten? He was the one guy they could count on year after year for almost a decade. (Black Book Partners)


Don Meredith — Quarterback
Born: 4/10/1938
Died: 12/5/2010
Played for Team: 1960 to 1968
"Dandy Don" Meredith was the player who took the Cowboys from worst to first during his career. He was a tough competitor with a sense of humor and was popular with players and fans. Meredith played in the Pro Bowl after the 1968 season and then unexpectedly retired the following summer. With Roger Staubach and Craig Morton ready to take over, he knew it was time to leave the game.

Cornell Green — Defensive Back
Born: 2/10/1940
Played for Team: 1962 to 1974
Cornell Green was known far and wide as a basketball star in the early 1960s. He accepted an invitation to training camp with the Cowboys in 1962 figuring he would get cut. Then it would be on to the NBA. But he was so good at covering receivers that he made the team—and went on to play in five Pro Bowls. Green's brother, Pumpsie, was a baseball player with the Boston Red Sox.

Rayfield Wright — Offensive Lineman
Born: 8/23/1945
Played for Team: 1967 to 1980
Rayfield Wright towered over opponents at 6' 7" and was nicknamed the "Big Cat." He had many unforgettable battles with Deacon Jones and other top pass-rushers and almost always came out on top. Wright was an All-Pro four times from 1971 to 1975.

Chuck Howley — Linebacker
Played for Team: 1961 to 1973
When Chuck Howley suffered a knee injury with the Chicago Bears in 1959, he thought his career was over. He caught on with the Cowboys and found he was better than ever. Howley was one of the best all-around linebackers in the NFL for more than 10 seasons.

Jason Witten — Tight End
Born: 5/6/1982
First Year with Team: 2003
The Cowboys were not a team that relied on its tight ends to catch passes...until Jason Witten came along. Witten used his speed, strength, and coordination to become the key man in Dallas's passing game. In 2007, he caught 96 passes and tied a record for tight ends with 15 catches in a game.

Team Spirit Extras

I looked through my collection for a Charlie Waters card and this one that shows him in college is the only one I could find. (Collegiate Collection)


Charlie Waters was one of the top defensive players of the 1970s. He shares the NFL record for postseason interceptions with nine and set a league record when he blocked four punts in back-to-back games in 1976.

Every team likes to get its season off to a winning start. From 1965 to 1981, the Cowboys won their opening day game every year. The Pittsburgh Steelers finally beat them in 1982.

The massive video screens hanging above the field at Cowboys Stadium use more energy in one game than the average American uses in four months.

Team Spirit Extras

Who was the brilliant author behind this Emmitt Smith book? (Grolier, Inc.)



Team Spirit Extras

After he retired from football, Everson Walls helped save the life of his Dallas teammate, Ron Springs. Springs needed an organ transplant and Walls was a perfect match. He donated one of his kidneys to Springs in 2007. (Author's Collection)


1991 — Emmitt Smith — 1,563
1992 — Emmitt Smith — 1,713
1993 — Emmitt Smith — 1,486
1995 — Emmitt Smith — 1,773
2014 — DeMarco Murray —1,845
2016 — Ezekiel Elliott — 1,631

1977 — Drew Pearson — 870
1991 — Michael Irvin — 1,523

No Cowboy has led the league in passing yards.

1971 — Duane Thomas — 11
1992 — Emmitt Smith — 18
1994 — Emmitt Smith — 21
1995 — Emmitt Smith — 25
2014 — DeMarco Murray — 13 (tied with nother player)

1962 — Frank Clarke — 14
1965 — Bob Hayes — 12 (tied for NFL lead)
1966 — Bob Hayes — 13
1969 — Lance Rentzel — 12
2006 — Terrell Owens — 13
2014 — Dez Bryant — 16

1973 — Roger Staubach — 23 (tied for NFL lead)

1981 — Rafael Septien — 121 (tied for NFL lead)
1995 — Emmitt Smith — 150

1969 — Mel Renfro — 10
1981 — Everson Walls — 11
1982 — Everson Walls — 7
1985 — Everson Walls — 9

2010 — DeMarcus Ware — 15.5

1966 NFL Championship Green Bay Packers Lost 34–27
1967 NFL Championship Green Bay Packers Lost 21–17
1970 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Won 17–10
1970 Super Bowl V Baltimore Colts Lost 16–13
1971 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Won 14–3
1971 Super Bowl VI Miami Dolphins Won 24–3
1972 NFC Championship Washington Redskins Lost 26–3
1973 NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings Lost 27–10
1975 NFC Championship Los Angeles Rams Won 37–7
1975 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers Lost 21–17
1977 NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings Won 23–6
1977 Super Bowl XII Denver Broncos Won 27–10
1978 NFC Championship Los Angeles Rams Won 28–0
1978 Super Bowl XIII Pittsburgh Steelers Lost 35–31
1980 NFC Championship Philadelphia Eagles Lost 20–7
1981 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Lost 28–27
1982 NFC Championship Washington Redskins Lost 31–17
1992 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Won 30–20
1992 Super Bowl XXVII Buffalo Bills Won 52–17
1993 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Won 38–21
1993 Super Bowl XXVIII Buffalo Bills Won 30–13
1994 NFC Championship San Francisco 49ers Lost 38–28
1995 NFC Championship Green Bay Packers Won 38–27
1995 Super Bowl XXX Pittsburgh Steelers Won 27–17
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