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20132017 Season Roundup: The Eagles defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, 41–33. It was the first Super Bowl victory for Philadelphia, and the team’s first league championship since 1960. Quarterback Nick Foles, who replaced injured starter Carson Wentz during the season, was named Super Bowl MVP.

2017 Season Preview: Eagles fans hope 2017 is the coming-out party for their young quarterback, Carson Wentz. He has more targets to throw to this year than last, but his linemen need to stay healthy for him to have a big year. Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham lead the defense.

20132016 Season Roundup: The Eagles started and finished strong in 2016, but in Weeks 5 through 15 they only won twice. Six of the team’s nine losses went down to the wire, however, so it was an exciting season even though the team’s record was disappointing. Philadelphia’s standouts included running back Darren Sproles and offensive linemen Jason Keice and Jason Peters. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox led a very good defensive line.

2016 Season Preview: The Eagles handed the starting QB job to Carson Wentz in training camp, so they will succeed or fail on his talented right arm. He’ll need help from his runners and receivers, who fell short of expectations in 2015. The Philadelphia defense is led by a solid front four and new talent in the secondary.

20132015 Season Preview: Newcomers Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray give the Eagles a chance to score a lot of points if both stay healthy. Trades and free agents signings during the off-season should improve the team’s defense.

2013September 21, 2014: The Eagles scored their third straight comeback victory to become the first team to start the year 3–0 after trailing each game by 10 or more points.will determine which way Philadelphia wins.

September 1, 2014: Quarterback Nick Foles and running back LeSean McCoy will be working behind a rock-solid front line in 2014, giving the Eagles the luxury of wearing down opponents over the course of 60 minutes, or blowing them away in the first quarter. The performance of the defense will determine which way Philadelphia wins.

2013December 8, 2013: LeSean McCoy ran for 217 yards against the Detroit Lions to set a new team record. The old one belonged to Steve Van Buren, and had lasted for 64 seasons. McCoy ended up as the NFL leader for 2013 with 1,607 yards.

November 24, 2013: After taking over for injured Michael Vick, Nick Foles finished the month of November with a Quarterback Rating of 152.8. That was the highest QB Rating for a month since the league began keeping the statistic.

November 3, 2013: Nick Foles subbed in for injured Michael Vick and threw 7 touchdown passes against the Raiders. Foles's 7 scoring passes tied a record shared by Peyton Manning, Sid Luckman, Joe Kapp, George Blanda, Y.A. Tittle and fellow Eagle Adrian Burk.

September 19, 2013: LeSean McCoy scored on a 41-yard touchdown run during the fourth quarter of Philadelphia's game against the Chiefs. It was the fifth time in his career that he had scored on a 40-yard run in the final quarter of a game—setting a new NFL record.

September 4, 2013: New coach Chip Kelly will focus more on the passing, which actually should open things up for runners LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown. Gigantic rookie tackle Lane Johnson is expected to become the star of an offensive line that welcomes back dynamic Jason Peters. No one doubts the Eagles will be able to put points on the board in 2013. Can they keep them off? That will depend on a group of attacking linebackers and their new defensive coordinator, Billy Davis.

2013February 2, 2013: After a promising 3–1 start, the Eagles managed just one more victory in 2012. That poor performance cost Andy Reid his job after 14 years as Philadelphia’s head coach. Injuries hurt the club, but so did Michael Vick 20-plus fumbles and interceptions. Nick Foles was the starting quarterback by season’s end.

Summer, 2012: The Eagles might have the best defense in the NFC after adding superstar DeMeco Ryans and using their first three draft picks on linebackers and defensive linemen. If Michael Vick can stay healthy, the Eagles have an excellent chance to reclaim the NFC East crown in 2012.

Team Spirit Extras

Norm Snead was a very good quarterback who played for so-so teams his entire career. He still put up good numbers. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

This Harold Jackson poster came folded up with a stick of gum in packs of 1971 football cards. They cost a dime back then. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

DeSean Jackson had plenty to celebrate after being voted to the Pro Bowl "twice" in one season. (Author's Collection)


Tommy Thompson — Quarterback
Born: 8/15/1916
Died: 4/22/1989
Played for Team: 1941 to 1942 & 1945 to 1950
Tommy Thompson was blind in one eye, but he still played football in college and later fought in World War II. After the war, he became the starting quarterback for the Eagles and led them to three championship games. Thompson is one of three passers who won two or more NFL titles who are not in the Hall of Fame.

Norm Snead — Quarterback
Born: 7/31/1939
Played for Team: 1964 to 1970
The Eagles traded their best player, Sonny Jurgensen, to get Norm Snead in 1964. Snead was one of the most accurate passers in the game. He was picked to play in the Pro Bowl in 1965 and threw for more than 3,000 yards in 1967.

Harold Jackson — Receiver
Born: 1/6/1946
Played for Team: 1969 to 1972
The Eagles traded for Harold Jackson after an unremarkable rookie year with the Los Angeles Rams. He rewarded them by leading the NFL in receiving yards in his first season in Philadelphia and in catches his last. In need of a star quarterback, the Eagles traded Jackson back to the Rams in 1973 for Roman Gabriel.

Bill Bergey — Linebacker
Born: 2/9/1945
Played for Team: 1974 to 1980
The Eagles traded two first-round draft choices for Bill Bergey and made him the highest-paid defensive player in football. It was the best investment the team ever made. Bergey led the Eagles to the playoffs three years in a row and made it to the Super Bowl.

Clyde Simmons — Defensive End
Born: 8/4/1964
Played for Team: 1986 to 1993
Clyde Simmons teamed with Reggie White to give the Eagles an awesome pas rush. He had 76 sacks in eight years with Philadelphia and was named to the Pro Bowl twice.

DeSean Jackson —Receiver/Returner
Born: 12/1/1986
First Year with Team: 2008
Just a few games into his pro career, DeSean Jackson showed he was one of the most exciting players ever to wear a Philadelphia uniform. His acrobatic catches and long punt and kickoff returns made him a star. In 2010, Jackson became the first player voted to the Pro Bowl at two different positions in the same year.


Team Spirit Extras

When I was little, I thought Bill Bradley the football player and Bill Bradley the basketball player were the same guy. Duh. (Topps, Inc.)


In 1947, running back Steve Van Buren averaged 95.5 yards per game for the Eagles. More than 60 years later, no one had topped that mark.

During a 1979 trip to the U.S., Pope John Paul II asked to meet Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski. Both men share Polish ancestry.

Bill Bradley's first interception for the Eagles came against Roger Staubach in 1969. The rookie defensive back then outran Bob Hayes—an Olympic sprinter—45 yards to the end zone for a touchdown. From that day on, Bradley was known as "Super Bill."

Team Spirit Extras

This Pete Pihos card was one of the first old-time cards I ever bought. (Bowman Gum Co.)


Team Spirit Extras

I'll be honest. I actually followed the Eagles in 1974, but I have no memory of Tom Sullivan. Obviously, he was their go-to guy when they got close to the goal line. (Topps, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

Post Cereal came out with a bunch of these little "How-To" comics in 1962. One of the hardest to find is this one of Sonny Jurgensen. (Post Holdings, Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

Man, what a great pass coverage player Troy Vincent was. (Author's Collection)


1945 — Steve Van Buren — 832
1949 — Steve Van Buren — 1,146
2013 — LeSean McCoy — 1,607

1940 — Don Looney — 707
1953 — Pete Pihos — 1,049
1955 — Pete Pihos — 864
1961 — Tommy McDonald — 1,144
1967 — Ben Hawkins — 1,265
1969 — Harold Jackson — 1,116
1972 — Harold Jackson — 1,048
1973 — Harold Carmichael — 1,116

1939 — Davey O'Brien — 1,324
1961 — Sonny Jurgensen — 3,723
1962 — Sonny Jurgensen — 3,261
1973 — Roman Gabriel — 3,219

1945 — Steve Van Buren — 15
1948 — Steve Van Buren — 10
1949 — Steve Van Buren — 11
1974 — Tom Sullivan — 11
2011 — LeSean McCoy — 17

1953 — Pete Pihos — 10 (tied for NFL lead)
1958 — Tommy McDonald — 9 (tied for NFL lead)
1961 — Tommy McDonald — 13

1953 — Bobby Thomason — 21
1954 — Adrian Burk — 23
1961 — Sonny Jurgensen — 32
1973 — Roman Gabriel — 23 (tied for NFL lead)

1945 — Steve Van Buren — 110
2010 — David Akers — 143

1945 — Roy Zimmerman — 7
1971 — Bill Bradley — 11
1972 — Bill Bradley — 9
1999 — Troy Vincent — 7 (tied for NFL lead)

1987 — Reggie White — 21
1988 — Reggie White — 18
1992 — Clyde Simmons — 19

1947 NFL Championship Chicago Cardinals Lost 28–21
1948 NFL Championship Chicago Cardinals Won 7–0
1949 NFL Championship Los Angeles Rams Won 14–0
1960 NFL Championship Green Bay Packers Won 17–13
1980 NFC Championship Dallas Cowboys Won 20–7
1980 Super Bowl XV Oakland Raiders LostL 27–10
2001 NFC Championship St. Louis Rams Lost 29–24
2002 NFC Championship Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lost 27–0
2003 NFC Championship Carolina Panthers Lost 14–3
2004 NFC Championship Atlanta Falcons Won 27–10
2004 Super Bowl XXXIX New England Patriots Lost 24–21
2008 NFC Championship Arizona Cardinals Lost 32–25
2017 NFC Championship Minnesota Vikings Won 38–7
2017 Super Bowl LII New England patriots Won 41–33
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