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The Team Spirit OVERTIME website begins where the Team Spirit books end.

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20132017 Season Roundup: After starting the year 4–3, Carolina won seven of its next 8 games to make the playoffs. Cam Newton led the team in passing and also rushing, while linebackers Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly led the defense. The Panthers lost a close game to the Saints in the opening round of the playoffs.

2017 Season Preview: Carolina is better than its 6–10 record from 2016, but how much better? If Cam Newton is allowed to do what he does best—create havoc with size, speed and throwing arm—then the Panthers should have a winning record. If the pass rush gets the job done, then the Carolina defense should be good.

20132016 Season Roundup: Carolina’s trip to the Super Bowl in 2015 was a surprise to many. Their fall to a 6–10 record in 2016 was one of the most shocking stories in football. They dropped five of their first six games and never recovered. Star linebacker Luke Kuechly could not rally the team’s defense, which struggled all season. The offense, meanwhile, was only so-so. Cam Newton threw for 19 touchdowns and ran for five more, but he also threw 14 interceptions. Tight End Greg Olsen was the team’s best player, with his third straight 1,000-yard season.

2016 Season Preview: After falling just short of a championship, the Panthers roar into 2016 looking to wi the Super Bowl. They have the talent to do so, starting with quarterback Cam Newton and linebacker Luke Keuchly. Their only big loss was defensive back Josh Norman. If one of the three college stars Carolina drafted can fill Norman’s shoes, the Panthers should be in great shape.

2013December 13, 2015: Cam Newton joined Andy Dalton and Peyton Manning as the only players to pass for more than 3,000 yards in each of their first five 5 seasons. One week later, he became the first player with 100 rushing yards, 300 passing yards, and 5 TD passes in a game.

2015 Season Preview: Carolina fans will be counting on Cam Newton to lead them to the playoffs, but it’s the team’s defense that will actually be the key. It looks to be the best in the division, with linebacker Luke Kuechly leading the way.

2013September 1, 2014: After making the playoffs in 2013, the Panthers will have their work cut out for them if they want to return to the postseason. A number of players—including superstar Stave Smith—either retired or left as free agents in 2014. Smith's replacement is rookie Kelvin Benjamin. If he and QB Cam Newton get on the same page, Carolina could challenge the Saints in the NFC South.

2013September 4, 2013: The Panthers are a very young team led by Cam Newton on offense and Luke Kuechly on defense. They won seven games but could have won many more with some veteran leadership. Carolina let too many opportunities slip away in the fourth quarter in 2012. Center Ryan Kalil missed most of the year in 2012. He is back in 2013, and the Panthers should be better for it.

2013February 2, 2013: Linebacker Luke Kuechly was named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Kuechly led the entire league with 164 tackles in his first season. After a slow start, the team won 5 of its last 6 games to finish 7–9.

Summer, 2012: While the fans will be watching to see how Cam Newton does in his second year, the experts will have their eyes on Carolina's linebackers. Last year, injuries wiped out this group. This year, Jon Beason returns to the lineup and rookie Luke Kuechly could become a star.

Team Spirit Extras

Steve Beuerlein was a backup quarterback most of his career. When the Panthers gave him a chance, he really came through for them. (Pacific Trading Cards)


Team Spirit Extras

Has anyone gone from rags to riches the way Jake Delhomme did in 2003? What a year! (Black Book Partners)


Kerry Collins — Quarterback
Born: 12/30/1972
Played for Team: 1995 to 1998
Kerry Collins was the Panthers' first-ever draft pick. He led Carolina all the way to the NFC Championship Game in 1996. The talented Collins left the team after struggles with alcohol. He worked hard and recovered, and later helped the New York Giants win the NFC Championship.

Steve Beuerlein — Quarterback
Born: 3/7/1965
Played for Team: 1996 to 2000
The Panthers signed Steve Beuerlein to be the backup for Kerry Collins in 1996. Over the next five years, he played well as both a substitute and a starter. He helped the team reach the NFC title game in 1996, and in 1999 he made the Pro Bowl after leading the NFL with 343 completions, 4,436 passing yards, and 36 touchdowns.

DeShaun Foster — Running Back
Born: 1/10/1980
Played for Team: 2002 to 2007
DeShaun Foster had great moves and tremendous speed. The Panthers liked to use him in the same backfield as powerful fullbacks so opponents didn't know what to expect. In Super Bowl XXXVIII, Foster scored a 33-yard touchdown. It was the fifth-longest TD run in Super Bowl history.

Jake Delhomme — Quarterback
Born: 1/10/1975
Played for Team: 2003 to 2009
Jake Delhomme was supposed to begin his career with the Panthers on the bench, but coach John Fox sent him into the opening game in 2003 with the Panthers down 17–0. Delhomme threw three TD passes to win the game and went on to lead Carolina to the Super Bowl that winter.

DeAngelo Williams — Running Back
Born: 4/25/1983
First Year with Team: 2006
Many teams passed on DeAngelo Williams because he stands only 5' 9". The Panthers took a chance on him and were rewarded with two 1,000-yard seasons. He and running back Jonathan Stewart nicknamed themselves "Double Trouble."

Team Spirit Extras

Chris Weinke played six seasons in the minor leagues for the Toronto Blue Jays. He hit 69 homers in 716 games. (Topps, Inc.)


The first points ever scored by the Panthers came on a touchdown catch by Mark Carrier in 1995. When he retired in 1998, he owned the all-time receiving records for two teams—the Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

When John Fox became coach of the Panthers in 2002, he told his players to get serious and "toughen up." They knew that meant something different to Fox. His father was a Navy SEAL!

In 2001, the Panthers were led by rookie quarterback Chris Weinke. Weinke was no ordinary rookie, however. He had played pro baseball until 1996 and didn't start college until he was 26. By the time he joined Carolina for his first NFL season, he was 29 years old.

In 2012, the Panthers lost the first 13 coin flips to determine which team would kick off to start the game. The odds of that happening were more than 8,000-to-1.

Team Spirit Extras

Shhh. Muhsin Muhammad poses in the end zone for the cover of Sports Illustrated. (Sports Illustrate/TIME Inc.)


Team Spirit Extras

Heading into 2012, John Kasay has made 42 field goals of 50 yards or more. That's second on the NFL's all-time list. (Black Book Partners)


No Panther has led the league in rushing yards.

2004 — Mushin Muhammad — 1,405
2005 — Steve Smith — 1,563

1999 — Steve Beuerlein — 4,436

2008 — DeAngelo Williams — 18

2004 — Mushin Muhammad — 16
2005 — Steve Smith — 12 (tied for NFL lead)

No Panther has led the league in passing touchdowns.

1996 — John Kasay — 145

No Panther has led the league in interceptions.

1996 — Kevin Greene — 14.5

1996 NFC Championship Green Bay Packers Lost 30–13
2003 NFC Championship Philadelphia Eagles Won 14–3
2003 Super Bowl XXXVIII New England Patriots Lost 32–29
2005 NFC Championship Seattle Seahawks Lost 34–14
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