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20132017 Season Roundup: The Titans went 9–7 and earned a spot in the playoffs against the Chiefs. They came back from a 21–3 halftime deficit to beat Kansas City 22–21, but fell to the Patriots the following week. QB Marcus Mariota threw for 3,232 yards and tight end Delanie Walker led the team with 74 catches. Walker was named Offensive MVP of the Pro Bowl.

2017 Season Preview: The Tennessee offense looks like it’s ready to big things in 2017. If Marcus Mariota can stay healthy, he will have a solid group of receivers to target, as well as running back DeMarco Murray and the best blocking line in the AFC. The Titans need to begin the year better than they did in 2016, when they dropped four of their first five games. 

20132016 Season Roundup: The Titans had the season their fans hoped for, improving from three wins to nine and just barely missing the playoffs. They finished strong with four victories in their last five games. Marcus Mariota threw for 26 touchdowns and only nine interceptions, and DeMarco Murray ran for 1,287 yards. Brian Orapko and Jurrell Casey were the Titans’ defensive stars.

2016 Season Preview: Tennessee’s offense has a long way to go, but it’s headed in the right direction in 2016. Fans will look for improvement from quarterback Marcus Mariota in his second season, and hope that all the high draft picks on the line are able to protect him. The Titans have a decent pass rush and linebacker crew, but need to improve in the secondary for any hope of a winning record.

2013December 6, 2015: Quarterback Marcus Mariota ran 87 yards for a touchdown against the Jaguars. It was the longest run in the NFL all year.

September 13, 2015: Marcus Mariota became the first player with a perfect quarterback rating of 158.3 in his first NFL game.

2015 Season Preview: Tennessee fans are excited about Marcus Mariota and they should be—he has all the tools to be a rookie superstar. Will the rest of the offense raise its game to help him? And have the Titans added enough talent to their defense to give Mariota a chance to win? The answers will determine whether the team can finish with a winning record in 2015.

2013September 2, 2014: You can't win in the NFL without a quality quarterback, and that's what the Titans need Jake Locker to be. If he improves and stays healthy in 2014, Tennessee fans will have plenty to cheer about. The Titans' defense is led by Jurrell Casey, Jason McCourty, and Bernard Pollard.

2013September 4, 2013: There will be a lot of pressure on quarterback Jake Locker in 2013. He has good weapons in running back Chris Johnson and receiver Kendall Wright, and the offensive line is better than last year. Still, Locker needs to show he can make big plays in important moments. The team's defense has some good players, but a few injuries at key positions could make for a long season in Nashville.

2013February 2, 2013: The Titans were a work in progress during 2012. Chris Johnson led a solid offense, but the defense looked helpless at times. Tennessee fans will watch young Jake Locker closely to see if he can develop into a first-rate NFL quarterback.

October 21, 2012: In a game against the Buffalo Bills, Chris Johnson scored on an 83-yard run. It was the fourth TD run of 80 or more yards in his career. That broke a record Johnson shared with three Hall of Famers—Hugh McElhenny, O.J. Simpson, and Barry Sanders.

September 23, 2012: The Titans set a record when they scored five touchdowns of 60 yards or more in one game. Two came on long passes by Jake Locker, one came on a 65-yard punt return by Tommie Campbell, one came on a 105-yard kickoff return by Darius Reynaud, and one came on a 72-yard fumble return by Alterraun Verner.

Summer, 2012: Some say the Titans are rebuilding their team in 2012, but they have the talent to make the playoffs. The AFC South is not as strong as in past seasons. With a little luck and good performances from Chris Johnson and Nate Washington, Tennessee might still be playing in January.

Team Spirit Extras

After Curley on the Three Stooges, Curley Culp is my second-favorite Curley. Curley in Oklahoma! is third. (Topps, Inc.)



Team Spirit Extras

This sticker shows Robert Brazile. He was a really good linebacker. (Panini America, Inc.)



Team Spirit Extras

Jevon Kearse wrote the book on sacking the quarterback. And then I wrote the book on Jevon Kearse! (Millbrook Press)


Tony Banfield — Defensive Back
Born: 12/18/1937
Played for Team: 1960 to 1965
Tony Banfield was the team's first great defensive star. He loved to roam the field and make opponents pay for their mistakes. In his five seasons in Houston, Banfield intercepted 27 passes. He was named All-Pro three times.

Curly Culp — Defensive Lineman
Born: 3/10/1946
Played for Team: 1974 to 1980
Curly Culp was amazingly versatile for such a big and powerful player. He used his quickness to stop running plays and sack the quarterback. Culp made the Pro Bowl four seasons in a row for Houston.

Robert Brazile — Linebacker
Born: 2/7/1953
Played for Team: 1975 to 1984
The Oilers took Robert Brazile with the sixth pick in the 1975 draft. He was a difference-maker from the first time he stepped on the field. Brazile was tall, strong, and athletic. He played in the Pro Bowl every year from 1977 to 1983. He was voted All-Pro in 1978 and 1979.

Drew Hill — Receiver
Born: 10/5/1956
Played for Team: 1986 to 1990
Drew Hill was small and fast. He was a perfect target for Warren Moon. Hill topped 1,000 receiving yards five times for the Oilers. In 1987, he averaged 20.2 yards per catch.

Derrick Mason — Receiver
Born: 1/17/1974
Played for Team: 1997 to 2004
Derrick Mason joined the Titans as a kick returner. After three seasons, he convinced the team that he would be even better as a receiver. Mason caught more than 400 passes from 2000 to 2004 and went to the Pro Bowl twice. He also continued to return kicks. In 2000, Mason led the NFL in punt returns with 662 yards.

Jevon Kearse — Defensive Lineman
Born: 9/3/1976
Played for Team: 1999 to 2003 & 2008 to 2009
Jevon Kearse was known as the "Freak" for his awesome combination of skills and athleticism. In his first year, he had 14.5 sacks and was named All-Pro and NFL Rookie of the Year. Kearse wasn't just a great player—he was also a great leader who got the best out of his teammates.

Vince Young — Quarterback
Born: 5/18/1983            
Played for Team: 2006 to 2010
Vince Young played his way into the starting lineup in his first year. He led the Titans to six wins in a row and was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Young made a name for himself with his ability to lead his team from behind. He went to the Pro Bowl twice with the Titans.

Team Spirit Extras

After Jim Norton's number was retired, the team retired the jerseys of Warren Moon, Earl Campbell, Elvin Bethea, Mike Munchak, and Brice Matthews. So Jim is in very good company. (Topps, Inc.)


During the 1960s, the team asked Jim Norton to play safety on defense and also handle punting duties. His four monster punts during the 1961 AFL Championship Game were a key to the 10–7 victory over the Chargers. In 1963, his three interceptions in a late-season game against the Denver Broncos helped clinch the West Division title. Norton's #43 was the first jersey retired by the club.

How much better was the NFL than the AFL in the early 1960s? According to Hall of Famer George Blanda, his teams could have beaten the NFL champions. "That first year, the Houston Oilers…could have beaten the NFL champion in a Super Bowl," he insisted. "I think the AFL was capable of beating the NFL in a Super Bowl game as far back as 1960 or '61. I just regret we didn't get the chance to prove it."

On most teams, the fullback's job is to block for the other running back or power through the line when a team needs a few short yards. They rarely gain more than few dozen yards a game. However, the first two players in team history to gain 1,000 yards were fullbacks—Charley Tolar (1962) and Hoyle Granger (1967). Tolar led the AFL in rushing attempts in 1962 with 244, and Granger led the league in yards from scrimmage with a total of 1,494.

Team Spirit Extras

This was an interesting book Earl Campbell wrote after his career. He suffered from terrible panic attacks. (ECW Press)



Team Spirit Extras

Miller Farr's brother, Mel, was a big star for the Detroit Lions. (Topps, Inc.)


1961 — Billy Cannon — 948 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1978 — Earl Campbell — 1,450 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1979 — Earl Campbell — 1,697 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1980 — Earl Campbell — 1,934 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)
2009 — Chris Johnson — 2,006

1960 — Billy Groman — 1,473 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1961 — Charley Hennigan — 1,746 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1964 — Charley Hennigan — 1,546 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1975 — Ken Burrough — 1,063 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)

1961 — George Blanda — 3,330 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1963 — George Blanda — 3,003 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1990 — Warren Moon — 4,689 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1991 — Warren Moon — 4,690 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)

1964 — Sid Blanks — 6 (tied for AFL lead as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1979 — Earl Campbell — 19 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1980 — Earl Campbell — 13 (tied for NFL lead as a member of the Houston Oilers)

1961 — Billy Groman — 17 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)

1961 — George Blanda — 36 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1990 — Warren Moon — 33 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)

No Titan had led the league in points.

1963 — Fred Glick — 12 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1965 — W.K. Hicks — 9 (AFL, as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1967 — Miller Farr — 10 (tied for AFL lead as a member of the Houston Oilers)
1979 — Mike Reinfeldt — 12 (as a member of the Houston Oilers)

No Titan has led the league in sacks.

1960 AFL Championship Los Angeles Chargers Won 24–16
1961 AFL Championship San Diego Chargers Won 10–3
1962 AFL Championship Dallas Texans* Lost 20–17 (2 OT)
1967 AFL Championship Oakland Raiders Lost 40–7
1978 AFL Championship Pittsburgh Steelers Lost 34–5
1979 AFL Championship Pittsburgh Steelers Lost 27–13

* The Texans now play as the Kansas City Chiefs

1999 AFC Championship Jacksonville Jaguars Won 33–14
1999 Super Bowl XXXIV St. Louis Rams Lost 23–16
2002 AFC Championship Oakland Raiders Lost 41–24
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