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2013February 2, 2018: Ben Simmons was named Rookie of the Month for the second time during the 2017–18 season.

December 1, 2017: Ben Simmons was named Rookie of the Month for October/November. He became the first player in league history with 170 points, 100 rebounds and 80 assists in his first 10 games.

Season Preview: After many seasons of frustration, the 76ers finally look like a playoff team. Number-one draft pick Markelle Fultz will be part of a starting five with exciting talent. If they all stay healthy, a 50-win season is within reach.

2013Recap: Philly fans couldn’t believe it when their top draft pick, Ben Simmons, missed the entire season with a broken foot. It was the fourth year in a row that a promising rookie suffered a season-ending injury! The team played hard, but could only manage 28 wins. Seven-foot center Joel Embiid, from Cameroon, was sensational in limited action.

2013Season Preview: The 76ers are building up a stockpile of basketball talent. This year, they added Duke star Jahlil Okafor. He joins Nerlens Noel, T.J. McConnell and newcomer Nik Stauskas on the NBA’s youngest team. As soon as they add some experience to their talent, the 76ers could be a force in Atlantic Division.

2013Recap: The rebuilding 76ers were one of three NBA clubs to win fewer than 20 games. They lost their first 17 games to begin the year. The good news was that the team’s three top scorers—Michael Carter-Williams, Tony Wroten, and Robert Covington—were all 24 or younger, and leading rebounder Nerlens Noel was just 20, meaning the future looks bright.

Season Preview: The 76ers have nowhere to go but up in 2014–15, and the player who will help them rise is Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Young guns Tony Wroten, Nerlen Noels, and Henry Sims should provide plenty of highlights as Philadelphia's rebuilding program continues.

2013Recap: Rebuilding with young players is never an easy process. The 76ers found this out the hard way in 2014. From the end of January to the end of March, they tied an NBA record with 26 losses in a row. The team will depend heavily on young stars Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young as they play their way back into contention.

Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Paul Seymour stood 6'1", but he looks like a kid next to big Dolph Schayes in this souvenir photo. (Syracuse Nationals)


Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Bobby Jones was one several terrific players to come out of the University of North Carolina in the 1970s and 1980s—including Bob McAdoo, Charlie Scott, Walter Davis, Phil Ford, Mitch Kupchak, James Worthy,, Sam Perkins, and Michael Jordan. The legendary Dean Smith coached them all. (Collegiate Collection/Coca-Cola)


Paul Seymour — 6' 1" Guard
Born: 1/30/1928
Played for Team: 1947–48 to 1959–60
During the mid-1950s, few players were better than Paul Seymour at running an NBA offense. He was an All-Star three times and a key part of the team's 1955 championship. Seymour later coached the team.

Johnny Kerr — 6' 9" Center
Born: 7/17/1932
Died: 2/26/2009
Played for Team: 1954–55 to 1964–65
The Nats went from being a good team to a championship contender when Johnny Kerr arrived. Opponents could no longer double- and triple-team Dolph Schayes with fast-moving, quick-thinking Kerr at center.

Chet Walker — 6' 7" Center
Born: 2/22/1940
Played for Team: 1962–63 to 1968–69
Chet Walker's speed was simply too much for defenses to deal with. When he got a pass in the open court, an opponent's only option was to foul him. Walker made more than 5,000 free throws during his career.

Luke Jackson — 6' 9" Forward/Center
Born: 10/31/1941
Played for Team: 1964–65 to 1971–72
After winning an Olympic gold medal in 1964, Luke Jackson played his entire pro career with the 76ers. He averaged 12.9 rebounds as a rookie and was named to the 1965 All-Star Game. Jackson's defense was a key part of the team's 1967 championship.

Bobby Jones — 6' 9" Forward
Born: 12/18/1951
Played for Team: 1978–79 to 1985–86
Bobby Jones was already a top all-around player when he arrived in Philadelphia in a trade for George McGinnis. Jones gave the team great defense and rebounding, and was skilled at finishing the fast break. He was equally valuable as a starter or a sixth man.

Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Allen Iverson cuts to the basket on the cover of this basketball magazine. He came out of college at age 20 ready to star in the NBA. (Street & Smith Publications, Inc.)


Although he was an NBA Hall of Famer, Chet Walker was at his best when he created opportunities for his teammates and let them shine. After basketball, Walker got into the entertainment business and used the same approach to be successful. He became a TV and movie producer instead of an actor. One of the movies he produced was The Mary Thomas Story, about the mother of fellow Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.

Caldwell Jones played six seasons with the 76ers, and 17 years overall in the pros. Three of his brothers also enjoyed pro careers. Charles played 5 years in the NBA, including one with the 76ers, Wil was an All-Star in the ABA with the Memphis Pros, and Major played five years for the Rockets in the early 1980s.

At 21 years, 310 days, Allen Iverson is the fourth-youngest player in league history to score 50 points in a game. Only Brandon Jennings, LeBron James and Rick Barry were younger.

Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Topps did not issue any cards while Wilt Chamberlain was on the 76ers, so all we have are cards like this one, which the company made in 2009. (Topps, Inc.)



Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Rebounding champ Moses Malone teamed with Dr. J to take the 76ers all the way in 1983. (The Sporting News)


1964–65 — Wilt Chamberlain — 34.7*
1965–66 — Wilt Chamberlain — 33.5
1998–99 — Allen Iverson — 26.8
2000–01 — Allen Iverson — 31.1
2001–02 — Allen Iverson — 31.4
2004–05 — Allen Iverson — 30.7

1950–51 — Dolph Schayes — 16.4**
1965–66 — Wilt Chamberlain — 24.6
1966–67 — Wilt Chamberlain — 24.1
1967–68 — Wilt Chamberlain — 23.8
1982–83 — Moses Malone — 15.3
1983–84 — Moses Malone — 13.4
1984–85 — Moses Malone — 13.1
1986–87 — Charles Barkley — 14.6
2000–01 — Dikembe Mutombo — 13.5***

No member of the team has led the league in assists.

2000–01 — Allen Iverson — 2.5
2001–02 — Allen Iverson — 2.8
2002–03 — Allen Iverson — 2.7

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

2000–01 Theo Ratliff 3.7

Blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

* Also played for the San Francisco Warriors
** Played as the Syracuse Nationals
*** Also played for the Atlanta Hawks

Philadelphia 76ers Team Spirit

Check out the price of this ticket from the 2001 Finals. I bought my first playoff ticket in 1971 and it was only $15. The Knicks lost to Baltimore and I thought I'd been ripped off! (Philadelphia 76ers)


76ers in the FINALS

1949–50 Minneapolis Lakers Lost 2–4*
1953–54 Minneapolis Lakers Lost 3–4*
1954–55 Fort Wayne Pistons Won 4–3*
1966–67 San Francisco Warriors Won 4–2
1976–77 Portland Trail Blazers Lost 2–4
1979–80 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 2–4
1981–82 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 2–4
1982–83 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–0
2000–01 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 1–4

* Played as Syracuse Nationals

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