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2013Season Preview: Only a handful of players remain from last year’s 53-win squad, but newcomers Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward will lead a fast-paced offense that hopes to challenge for the Eastern Conference title. Will the Boston defense and rebounding improve? That may be the big question come playoff time.

2013Recap: Boston returned to the top of the Eastern Conference for the first time in nine years with a 53–29 record. The team opened the season with three first-round draft picks, but it was 5’9” Isaiah Thomas who led the team with 28.9 points and 5.9 assists per game. The Celts beat the Bulls and Wizards to reach the conference finals, but fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

2013Season Preview: Boston did a great job making it back to the playoffs last season. New forwards Amir Johnson and David Lee will make the Celtics stronger up front, but the team still needs to find an All-Star player to go deep into the playoffs this year. Until then, Isaiah Thomas and Jared Sullinger will have to keep the team competitive.

2013Recap: Boston traded away floor leader Rajon Rondo in December but still managed to finish with the second-best record in the Atlantic Division. Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger took leadership roles, while Evan Turner provided veteran experience to the young Celtics.

Season Preview: The Celtics will continue to rebuild their team in 2014–15, using the many draft picks the piled up over the past couple of seasons. Veterans Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo will lead a team that includes some exciting young players, including Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olnyk, and Avery Bradley.

2013Recap: After trading away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Celtics embarked upon a rebuilding season that saw them win just 25 games and finish out of the playoffs. Young veterans Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green provided leadership for young stars Jared Sullinger, Jordan Crawford, and Avery Bradley.

Boston Celtics Team Spirit

This rare pin came out before Bill Russell was a Celtic, and Easy Ed was the star of the team. (Author's Collection)




Boston Celtics Team Spirit

Jo Jo White poses for the cover of the team's 1976–77 yearbook. Boston was coming off a championship season. (Boston Celtics)



Ed Macauley — 6' 8" Center/Forward
Born: 3/22/1928
Died: 11/9/2011
Played for Team: 1950–51 to 1955–56
"Easy Ed" Macauley was an All-Star in each of his six seasons with the Celtics. His speed, agility, and shooting skill made him almost impossible to guard. Macauley was a huge star, and the second highest-paid player behind George Mikan in the 1950s.

Sam Jones — 6' 4" Guard
Born: 6/24/1933
Played for Team: 1957–58 to 1968–69
Sam Jones was a skilled scorer who often took the final shot for the Celtics in close games. He retired with 10 championship rings—the second-most in history. Jones might have been the best player ever when it came to hitting bank shots.

Bailey Howell — 6' 7" Forward
Born: 1/20/1937
Played for Team: 1966–67 to 1969–70
Bailey Howell was in his 30s when he came to Boston. The Celtics played him about 30 minutes a game, and he often gave them more than 20 points and 10 rebounds a night. Howell could score inside and also hit long-range jump shots.

Jo Jo White — 6' 3" Guard
Born: 11/16/1946
Played for Team: 1969–70 to 1978–79
Jo Jo White was the floor leader of the Celtics during the 1970s. He led the team to two NBA titles and was the MVP of the 1976 Finals. He and Don Chaney gave Boston a great defensive backcourt. White was a good scorer, too. He averaged between 18 and 25 points a game seven years in a row.

Robert Parish — 7' 0" Center
Born: 8/30/1953
Played for Team: 1980–81 to 1993–94
Robert Parish was an All-Star in each of his first seven seasons with the Celtics and averaged a double-double in eight different seasons. When Parish retired from basketball he had played 1,611 games—more than any NBA player.

Boston Celtics Team Spirit

Paul Westphal signed this photo that shows him dribbling on the team's famous parquet floor. (Author's Collection)


Paul Westphal is remembered as the Phoenix Sun who nearly beat Boston in the 1976 NBA Finals. As a member of the Celtics in 1974, he played a key role in that team's championship. In Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Bucks, the 23-year-old was inserted into the game to control all-time great Oscar Robertson. Westphal limited The Big O to just two baskets as Boston clinched the championship on Milwaukee's home court.

Red Auerbach had a rule about drafting players: he would only take them if he had personally seen them play twice. The one time he broke that rule was in 1957, when he took Sam Jones with the #1 pick. Auerbach took a scout's word for Jones's shooting ability and never regretted it. Jones helped Boston win 10 championships.

Most Celtics fans know Ed Macauley as the player the team traded to get Bill Russell—and forget how great "Easy Ed" was for Boston. He was the MVP of the first NBA All-Star Game (held on his home court in Boston) and later became the youngest player (at age 32) to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Boston Celtics Team Spirit

Those rebounding stats look like mistakes, don't they? Well, believe me, they're for real. (Berkley Press)


Boston Celtics Team Spirit

Bob Cousy was the first player to dribble behind his back and throw no-look passes. He changed the way NBA teams played defense. (Macfadden Publications)


No member of the team has led the league in scoring.

1956–57 — Bill Russell — 19.7
1957–58 — Bill Russell — 22.7
1958–59 — Bill Russell — 23.0
1963–64 — Bill Russell — 24.7
1964–65 — Bill Russell — 24.1

1952–53 — Bob Cousy — 7.7
1953–54 — Bob Cousy — 7.2
1954–55 — Bob Cousy — 7.9
1955–56 — Bob Cousy — 8.9
1956–57 — Bob Cousy — 7.5
1957–58 — Bob Cousy — 7.1
1958–59 — Bob Cousy — 8.6
1959–60 — Bob Cousy — 9.5
2011–12 — Rajon Rondo — 11.7
2012–13 — Rajon Rondo — 11.1

2009–10 — Rajon Rondo — 2.3

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.


No member of the team has led the league in blocks; blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

Boston Celtics Team Spirit

Paul Pierce is featured on this ticket stub from the 2008 NBA Finals. The Celtics defeated the Lakers for the 9th time with a championship on the line. (Boston Celtics)



1956–57 St. Louis Hawks Won 4–3
1957–58 St. Louis Hawks Lost 2–4
1958–59 Minneapolis Lakers Won 4–0
1959–60 St. Louis Hawks Won 4–3
1960–61 St. Louis Hawks Won 4–1
1961–62 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–3
1962–63 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–2
1963–64 San Francisco Warriors Won 4–1
1964–65 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–1
1965–66 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–3
1967–68 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–2
1968–69 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–3
1973–74 Milwaukee Bucks Won 4–3
1975–76 Phoenix Suns Won 4–2
1980–81 Houston Rockets Won 4–2
1983–84 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–3
984–85 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 2–4
1985–86 Houston Rockets Won 4–2
1986–87 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 2–4
2007–08 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–2
2009–10 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 3–4

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