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2013Season Preview: The team traded All-Star Carmelo Anthony, which means their primetime player is now Kristaps Porzingis. He leads a team of good, young players into battle. It will be up to coach Jeff Hornacek to get them to play solid defense—a huge problem last season.

2013Season Recap: New York fans were excited to have two ex-Chicago Bulls stars—Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah—to go with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. The quartet produced just 31 wins, which left the Knicks on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

2013Season Preview: After a dreadful season, the Knicks have begun moving forward again. Team president Phil Jackson has assembled a group of role players behind shooting star Carmelo Anthony. Jackson hopes that another star or two emerge in 2015–16. The Knicks will surely improve on their 17 wins last season.

2013Recap: An injury to high-scoring Carmelo Anthony sent the Knicks into a tailspin that landed them at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. Only one player started more than half the team’s games, as coach Derek Fisher searched for the winning formula.

Season Preview: New coach Derek Fisher has a big star, Carmelo Anthony, and a lot of question marks, including old-timers Amar'e Stoudemire and Jose Calderon, and rising stars Iman Shumpert and Shane Larkin—the son of baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin. He came to the Knicks along with Samuel Dalembert in a trade with the Mavericks.

2013Recap: After a promising 2012–13 season, the Knicks missed won only 37 games and missed the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony had another good year, but other New York veterans failed to deliver when needed. On the bright side, young guards Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. played well. The disappointing season cost coach Mike Woodson his job.

New York Knicks Team Spirit

Dick Barnett kicked his heels up when he shot. I tried to copy him when I was a kid and almost broke both my ankles. (Topps, Inc.)



New York Knicks Team Spirit

As this Portland ticket shows, Bill Cartwright was a major star for the Knicks. (Portland Trailblazers)


Dick Barnett — 6' 4" Guard
Born: 10/2/1936
Played for Team: 1965–66 to 1973–74
The young Knicks needed a veteran leader in the 1960s and Dick Barnett filled that role. A deadly scorer with a strange left-handed shot, Barnett played more of a support role as Walt Frazier and Willis Reed led the team to championships in the early 1970s.

Bill Bradley — 6' 5" Forward
Born: 7/28/1943
Played for Team: 1967–68 to 1976–77
Bill Bradley was a smart, talented scorer who could have averaged 25 points a game with another NBA team. With the Knicks, he focused on defense and passing, and only shot when he was wide open. Bradley was recognized as a Hall of Famer for these contributions.

Bill Cartwright — 7' 1" Center
Born: 7/30/1957
Played for Team: 1979–80 to 1987–88
Bill Cartwright had size, strength and an accurate shot. He was an All-Star his rookie year and teamed with guard Micheal Ray Richardson to give New York a great one-two punch f
or several seasons.

Mark Jackson — 6' 1" Guard
Born: 4/1/1965
Played for Team: 1987–88 to 1991–92
Mark Jackson joined a struggling team that starred big men Patrick Ewing and Bill Cartwright. Jackson took charge of the offense and in his second season took New York to the top of the standings. He was named an All-Star that season.

Anthony Mason — 6' 7" Forward
Born: 12/14/1966
Played for Team: 1991–92 to 1995–96
Few players had to work harder to prove they belonged in the NBA than Anthony Mason. The Knicks gave him a chance and he rewarded them with his scoring, rebounding, and toughness. Mason was a big reason the team made it to the NBA Finals in 1994.

New York Knicks Team Spirit

This photo of Vince Boryla shows him right after he retired. He coached the Knicks in the late 1950s and, in 1985, he was the NBA's Executive of the Year when he ran the Denver Nuggets. (New York Knicks)


At the first NBA All-Star Game in 1951, there was no shortage of Knicks on the East squad. New York's Joe Lapchick was the head coach and the roster included forwards Vince Boryla and Harry Gallatin, along with guard Dick McGuire. The East won 111–94.

One of the Knicks' greatest players, Johnny Green, never played basketball in high school. He was under six feet tall as a teenager and did not reach his adult height of 6'5" until his 20s when he was in the army during the Korean War. "Jumpin' Johnny" grabbed more than 1,000 rebounds one season and was an All-Star three times for New York.

Phil Jackson missed the 1969–70 season after undergoing spinal surgery. He traveled with the team while recovering and took photos of every game. When the Knicks won the NBA championship that year, he published the photos in a book entitled Take It All.

New York Knicks Team Spirit

Like Bernard King had to add 1984 Scoring Champ to this photo. Every New York basketball fan knows he was the first Knick to lead the NBA in scoring. (Author's Collection)


1984–85 — Bernard King — 32.9
2012–13 — Carmelo Anthony — 28.7

1953–54 — Harry Gallatin — 15.3

1979–80 — Micheal Ray Richardson — 10.2

1979–80 Micheal Ray Richardson 3.2

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74


No member of the team has led the league in blocks; blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

New York Knicks Team Spirit

I loved this card when I was a kid. Did Dave DeBusschere get his shot over Wilt Chamberlain? But it turns out that this photo wasn't even from Game 3. (Topps, Inc.)



1950–51 Rochester Royals Lost 3–4
1951–52 Minneapolis Lakers Lost 3–4
1952–53 Minneapolis Lakers Lost 1–4
1969–70 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–3
1971–72 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 1–4
1972–73 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–1
1993–94 Houston Rockets Lost 3–4
1998–99 San Antonio Spurs Lost 1–4


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