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2013December 17, 2017: The Nets traded for All-American center Jalil Okafor. Okafor led his college team, Duke University, to the national title in 2015.

Season Preview: The Nets are still rebuilding—this season around young star D’Angelo Russell. If fellow guard Jeremy Lin can stay healthy, they will lead an attacking offense that will keep opponents on their heels.

2013Recap: The team’s struggles continued, as they fell to just 20 victories and a last-place finish. Brook Lopez topped 20 points a game for the fourth time in his career, but this season would be his last as he was traded to the Lakers in June.

2013Season Preview: The Nets said farewell to Deron Williams over the summer, making Joe Johnson their team leader. He may not even last the season, as his contract is up at the end of the year. Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez will be Brooklyn’s new building blocks, but after trading away many draft picks, the additional blocks the Nets need may be hard to come by.

2013Racap: All of the Nets’ stars were healthy in 2014–15, but the team failed to win consistently and ended up with a mere 38 victories. That was enough to make the playoffs, but the Nets lost to the Atlanta Hawks in an exciting first-round series. Brookjlyn’s leading scorers were Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez, while guards Deron Williams and Jarrett Jack combined for 11 assists per game. Hoping to get younger, the team traded veteran Kevin Garnett in February for forward Thaddeus Young.

Season Preview: New coach Lionel Hollins hopes that his two stars—Deron Williams and Brook Lopez—can stay healthy all year. If they do, the Nets should survive losing Paul Pierce and Shaun Livingston, who were solid contributors last season. Newcomer Jarrett Jack will help the team when Williams is resting on the bench.

2013Recap: With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett joining the team, the Nets believed they had a chance to defeat the Miami Heat and earn a berth in the NBA Finals. The plan ran into trouble when center Brook Lopez was lost for the season with an injury, but veteran Andre Blatche and rookie Mason Plumlee filled his shoes and the Nets won 44 games. Joe Johnson led the team during the regular season and playoffs, but the Nets could not overcome Miami in the playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

Kenny Anderson was a happy guy when the Nets drafted him. A Brooklyn native, he liked playing close to home. (Topps, Inc.)



Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

Vince Carter was known for more than dunking, but he was a legendary slam artist. (Sports Illustrated for Kids)


Bernard King — 6' 7" Forward
Born: 12/4/1956
Played for Team: 1977–78 to 1978–79
Bernard King played his first two NBA seasons with the Nets and was their first great NBA star. He averaged 22 points a game for New Jersey and was a member of the 1978 All-Rookie team.

Kenny Anderson — 6' 0" Guard
Born: 10/9/1970
Played for Team: 1991–92 to 1995–96
Kenny Anderson was the second pick in the 1991 draft and developed into an All-Star for the Nets in his third season. Anderson ranked among the NBA leaders in assists with the Nets, and was also an exciting scorer.

Drazen Petrovic — 6' 5" Guard
Born: 10/22/1964
Died: 6/7/1993
Played for Team: 1990–91 to 1992–93
Drazen Petrovic was becoming one of the top players in the NBA when his life was cut short in a car accident in 1993. He gave the Nets 20-plus points a game and could score from anywhere on the court. Petrovic and Kenny Anderson gave New Jersey a great one-two punch in the backcourt.

Kenyon Martin — 6' 9" Forward/Center
Born: 12/30/1977
Played for Team: 2000–01 to 2003–04
Jason Kidd may have been the leader of the Nets during their two trips to the NBA Finals, but the player who ruled the backboards was Kenyon Martin. His aggressive play gave his teammates a boost at key moments in the playoffs.

Vince Carter — 6' 6" Guard/Forward
Born: 1/26/1977
Played for Team: 2004–05 to 2008–09
The Nets traded for Vince Carter hoping that a superstar scorer would give them an advantage the next time they reached the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, they did not return to the championship series while Carter was on the team. He delivered the scoring the Nets needed, however, averaging 23.6 points per game and making three All-Star appearances.

Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

Buck Williams takes a peek at the scoreboard. Had the Nets been able to keep Julius Erving and Bernard King in the 1980s, they would have had one of the greatest frontcourts in history. (Fleer Corp.)


One of the great milestones in basketball is reaching 200 blocked shots or 200 steals in a season. Four different Nets have had 200-plus blocks in a season and four have had 200-plus steals. Only Julius "Dr. J" Erving—with 204 blocks in 1973–74 and 207 steals in 1975–76—is on both lists.

During his eight seasons as a Net, Buck Williams set a number of career records that still stand. They include most games (635), points (10,440), free throws (2,476), and rebounds (7,576). He also holds the team records for turnovers (1,811) and fouls (2,244).

In 1968, the New Jersey Americans tried to move to Newark, NJ, but could not find a suitable home court. They moved to Long Island instead and became the New York Nets. The team ended up playing in Newark from 2010 to 2102 before its move to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

If Dr. J's afro had been any bigger, he'd have needed a bigger card! (Topps, Inc.)


Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

Kendall Gill shoots on the run. He was a deadly scorer and a popular player with New Jersey fans. (Topps, Inc.)


1973–74 Julius Erving 27.4*
1975–76 Julius Erving 29.3*

No member of the team has led the league in rebounding.

1970–71 Bill Melchionni 8.3*
1971–72 Bill Melchionni 8.4*
1977–78 Kevin Porter 10.2**
2002–03 Jason Kidd 8.9
2003–04 Jason Kidd 9.2

1974–75 Brian Taylor 2.8*
1982–83 Micheal Ray Richardson 2.8***
1984–85 Micheal Ray Richardson 3.0
1998–99 Kendall Gill 2.7

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

1977–78 George Johnson 3.4
1996–97 Shawn Bradley 3.4****

Blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

* ABA Leader
** Also played for the Detroit Pistons
*** Also played for the Golden State Warriors
****Also played for the Dallas Mavericks

Brooklyn Nets Team Spirit

Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd represent the Nets on the cover of the 2003 NBA Finals program. It was their second straight trip to the championship series. (National Basketball Association)



American Basketball Association

1971–72 Indiana Pacers Lost 2–4
1973–74 Utah Stars Won 4–1
1975–76 Denver Nuggets Won 4–2

National Basketball Association

2001–02 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 0–4
2002–03 San Antonio Spurs Lost 2–4


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