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2013Season Preview: The team’s starting five and Sixth Man can all put the ball in the basket, but with Paul George and Jeff Teague playing elsewhere this year, no one is sure who will step up and take their place as team leaders. Indy fans hope it is Myles Turner, who may be ready for a breakout season.

2013Recap: The Pacers played solid ball all season, led by veterans Paul George and Jeff Teague, and 20-year-old center Miles Turner. After losing to the Cavs in the first round, the club traded George, let Teague go to free agency, and named a new team president to replace Larry Bird.

2013Season Preview: After “going big” for many years, the Pacers will feature a smaller, faster lineup in 2015–16. They also get Paul George back after losing him for most of last season to a broken leg. Guards George Hill and Monta Ellis will trigger the offense, while Jordan Hill, Ian Mahimni, and rookie Myles Turner share time in the paint.

2013Recap: After reaching the conference finals two years in a row, the Pacers missed the playoffs entirely in 2014–15. Injuries hurt Indiana badly. Superstar Paul George missed all but a handful of games and George Hill sat for half the year. Veterans David West and Roy Hibbert carried the load, but could not make the team a consistent winner.

Season Preview: The Pacers have the defense to win the Eastern Conference, but they need to be more consistent and take better care of the basketball. They have a bright future, with forward Solomon Hill and guard Donald Sloan joining a core that includes shot-blocker Roy Hibbert and David West. Can they survive without their best player, Paul George? A broken leg suffered in August may keep him out all year.

2013Recap: The quartet of Roy Hibbert, Paul George, David West, and Lance Stephenson boosted the Pacers to the best record in the East, and through tough playoff series on their way to a showdown with the Miami Heat in the conference finals. Unfortunately, they fell to Miami in 6 games.

Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

This old wire photo shows Bob Netolicky in his first year with the Pacers. Wire photos were sent to newspapers over telephone lines back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. A lot of people like to collect them. (United Press International)



Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

Vern Fleming always found a way to do something positive in a game, usually at a key moment. (Topps, Inc.)


Bob Netolicky — 6' 9" Forward
Born: 8/2/1942
Played for Team: 1967–68 to 1971–72 & 1973–74 to 1975–76
Bob Netolicky was a terrific scorer and rebounder. "Neto" averaged over 20 points a game during the 1970 playoffs, when Indiana won its first ABA title.

Herb Williams — 6' 10" Center/Forward
Born: 2/16/1958
Played for Team: 1981–82 to 1988–89
Herb Williams did everything well, and was one of the smartest players in the NBA. He could guard anyone on the floor and was one of the league's best shot-blockers.

Vern Fleming — 6' 5" Guard
Born: 2/4/1962
Played for Team: 1984–85 to 1994–95
Vern Fleming played all but one of his 12 NBA seasons for thePacers and trails only Reggie Miller and Rik Smits in all-time games played. He was a skilled passer and accurate shooter who helped the club as a starter and sixth man.

Ron Artest — 6' 7" Forward
Born: 11/13/1979
Played for Team: 2001–02 and 2005–06
Ron Artest (who later changed his name to Metta World Peace) played with great skill and emotion. In 2003–04 he was an All-Star as well as the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year.

Lance Stephenson — 6' 5" Guard
Born: 9/5/1990
First Season with Team: 2010–11
Lance Stephenson led his high school team to four New York City titles and joined the Pacers at age 20. In his fourth year with the team, he blossomed into a star who could shoot, pass, rebound and play great defense.

Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

This card shows Reggie Miller at an age when his big sister, Cheryl, probably destroyed him in their driveway games. Their older brother, Daryl, was a catcher for the Angels in the 1970s. (Sports Illustrated for Kids)


Reggie Miller developed his unusual shooting style in driveway games against his older sister, Cheryl, who was taller than Reggie until he was in high school. Cheryl was an All-American in college and an Olympic gold medalist. Both Reggie and Cheryl are in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In the final year of the ABA, Don Buse led the league in assists and steals. Most basketball fans doubted whether he would be as good after the Pacers moved to the NBA in 1976–77. All Buse did was lead his "new" league in steals and assists again!

Mel Daniels was the first of several All-Star players to graduate from Pershing High in Detroit, Michigan. He was followed by Spencer Haywood, Ralph Simpson, Kevin Willis, and Steve Smith. Before Daniels gained fame, Pershing was known for producing two members of the legendary music group The Four Tops.

Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

The Sporting News had big, amazing covers when I was a kid. What a great picture of young Mel Daniels! (The Sporting News)


Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

Is Don Buse going up for a shot, or pulling down a rebound? It's hard to tell. You can tell from the ball that this was from his ABA days. (Topps, Inc.)


1974–75 George McGinnis 29.8*

1968–69 Mel Daniels 16.5*
1970–71 Mel Daniels 18.0*

1975–76 Don Buse 8.2*
1976–77 Don Buse 8.5
1996–97 Mark Jackson 11.4

1975–76 Don Buse 4.1*
1976–77 Don Buse 3.5

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.


No member of the team has led the league in blocks.

*ABA Leader
** Also played with the Denver Nuggets

Indiana Pacers Team Spirit

The Pacers put up a good fight in the 2000 NBA Finals, but Shaq and Kobe were just too much for them. (National Basketball Association)



American Basketball Association Finals

1968–69 Oakland Oaks Lost 1–4
1969–70 Los Angeles Stars Won 4–2
1971–72 New York Nets Won 4–2
1972–73 Kentucky Colonels Won 4–3
1974–75 Kentucky Colonels Lost 1–4


National Basketball Association Finals

1999–00 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 2–4

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