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2013January 30, 2018: The Pistons traded for power forward Blake Griffin. Griffin was an NBA All-Star five years in a row for the Los Angeles Clippers.

January 24, 2018: Andre Drummond pulled down 24 rebounds in a game against the Utah Jazz. He became the youngest player in history to reach 2,000 offensive rebounds during the game.

Season Preview: The Pistons added defense and shooting over the summer in their trade for Avery Bradley and drafting of Duke 3-point specialist Duke Kennard. Center Andre Drummond still needs better players around him. Will Tobias Harris and Stanley Johnson improve enough to be those players? Detroit fans sure hope so.

2013Recap: The Pistons played their final season in the Palace at Auburn Hills before moving back to downtown Detroit. The team finished last in the division despite solid (but unspectacular) seasons from Andre Drummond, Marcus Morris, and Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, and super-subs Tobias Harris and Ish Smith.

2013Season Preview: Center Andre Drummond is a monster talent who will get better and better. The team’s two other young stars—Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Stanley Johnson—should also gain confidence in 2015–16. That’s good news for Detroit fans, who have been starved for a playoff team for a long time.

2013Recap: The Pistons finished last in the Central Division with a 32–50 record. Eight different players averaged double-figures in points, but Detroit’s three exciting young leaders—Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope—were unable to make the Pistons a consistent winner.

March 11, 2015: Andre Drummond grabbed 25 rebounds in a game against the Golden State Warriors. No one in the league had more rebounds in a game during the season.

February 19, 2015: After 2 ½ years away from Detroit, all-time fan favorite Tayshaun Prince returned to the Pistons in a trade with the Boston Celtics.

January 21, 2015: Brandon Jennings scored 24 points and added 21 assists in a victory over the Orlando Magic. He was the first player in 6 years to have a “20–20” game. Four days later, Jennings suffered a season-ending leg injury.

Season Preview: The Pistons are a team with some big names but without a take-charge star. The team hopes that leader will emerge this year. Will it be a veteran like Brandon Jennings or Josh Smith? Or an up-and-coming player like Andre Drummond or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? It will be new coach Stan Van Gundy's job to find out.

2013Recap: The Pistons spent the last few years assembling a group of talented young players. Hopes were high they would boost Detroit into the 2014 playoffs, but the team fell short with a 29–53 record. The disappointing season cost coach Maurice Cheeks his job, but fans got to cheer for some of the NBA's most exciting young players, including Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond.

Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

Had Jimmy Walker played on a better team, he might be in the Hall of Fame today. He was a nightmare to guard. (Topps, Inc.)



Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

I love this In Your Face pose because that wasn't Grant Hill at all. He was known for good sportsmanship throughout his NBA career. (The Upper Deck Company)



Jimmy Walker — 6' 3" Guard
Born: 4/8/1944
Died: 7/2/2007
Played for Team: 1967–68 to 1971–72
Jimmy Walker was an All-Star twice for the Pistons in the 1970s. He could score from anywhere on the court, and was one of the greatest free throw shooters in league history.

Vinnie Johnson — 6' 2" Guard
Born: 9/1/1956
Played for Team: 1981–82 to 1990–91
Johnson was a true "super-sub" for the Pistons. He could replace either of the team's two All-Star guards. His scoring streaks and accurate long-distance shooting made "The Microwave" one of the team's most valuable weapons.

Mark Aguirre — 6' 6" Forward
Born: 12/10/1959
Played for Team: 1988–89 to 1992–93
The Pistons traded high-scoring Adrian Dantley and a first-round pick to bring Mark Aguirre to Detroit. His toughness and talent proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle. The Pistons won championships two years in a row after he arrived.

Grant Hill — 6' 8" Forward
Born: 10/5/1972
Played for Team: 1994–95 to 1999–00
Grant Hill ranked among the NBA's top small forwards in his years with the Pistons. The club was rebuilding during these years, so many of his amazing performances went to waste. In his final year with the team, Hill averaged 25.8 points per game. He was also one of the league's most skilled rebounders.

Tayshaun Prince — 6' 9" Forward
Born: 2/28/1980
Played for Team: 2002–03 to 2012–13
Tayshaun Prince could do wonderful things with a basketball in his hands. However, it was as a defensive player that he was a true difference-maker for the Pistons. Prince played the same role as a member of 2008 gold-medal Olympic team.

Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

Have you ever seen a happier-looking player on a trading card? FYI, that's Larry O'Brien next to Isiah. O'Brien was the NBA Commissioner from 1975 to 1983. The NBA Finals Trophy is named in his honor. (Star Co.)


As a teenager, Isiah Thomas was given a chance to attend a private school 90 minutes from his home in West Chicago and it changed his life. During (and after) his years with the Pistons, Thomas paid school tuition for more than 75 students.

When the Pistons traded Bob Lanier to the Bucks, fans feared the team would never fill his shoes. Eventually, they found another All-Star center in Bill Laimbeer, but no one in NBA history could ever match Lanier's size 22 sneakers. At the Basketball Hall of Fame, one of the most popular exhibits allows visitors to compare their shoe size to Lanier's.

George Yardley specialized in putting the ball in the basket. In the team's first year in Detroit, he broke George Mikan's NBA scoring record with 2,001 points. After retiring from basketball, Yardley started his own engineering company and helped the government make rockets and missiles. In George's case, it really was rocket science!

Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

I like this card because it shows a player who is trying to catch his breath. Usually you get action shots or posed shots. (Fleer Corp.)


Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

Kevin Porter was a brilliant point guard. He led the NBA in assists a total of four times during his career. (Topps, Inc.)


1942–43 Bobby McDermott 13.7*
1957–58 George Yardley 27.8

1985–86 Bill Laimbeer 13.1
1991–92 Dennis Rodman 18.7
1992–93 Dennis Rodman 18.3
2001–02 Ben Wallace 13.0
2002–03 Ben Wallace 15.4

1977–78 Kevin Porter 10.2**
1978–79 Kevin Porter 13.4
1984–85 Isiah Thomas 13.9

1978–79 M.L. Carr 2.5

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

2001–02 Ben Wallace 3.5

Blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

* National Basketball League Leader
** Also played with the New Jersey Nets

Detroit Pistons Team Spirit

This program is from the mid-1950s, when the Pistons were the Best in the West. Check out their mascot—he looks like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, right? (Author's Collection)



National Basketball League

1941–42 Oshkosh All-Stars Lost 1–2*
1942–43 Oshkosh All-Stars Lost 1–2*
1943–44 Sheboygan Redskins Won 3–0*
1944–45 Sheboygan Redskins Won 3–2*


National Basketball Association Finals

1954–55 Syracuse Nationals Lost 3–4*
1955–56 Philadelphia Warriors Lost 1–4*
1987–88 Los Angeles Lakers Lost 3–4
1988–89 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–0
1989–90 Portland Trail Blazers Won 4–1
2003–04 Los Angeles Lakers Won 4–1
2004–05 San Antonio Spurs Lost 3–4


* Played as Fort Wayne Pistons

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