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2013January 1, 2018: Russell Westbrook was named Western Conference Player of the Month for December 2017. He scored 25+ points 12 times and had 10+ assists 11 times.

October 28, 2017: Russell Westbrook became he first player in history to record a triple-double against every NBA team. He had 12 points, 13 assists, and 13 rebounds in a victory over the Chicago Bulls.

Season Preview: The Thunder were busy over the summer building a team to challenge the champion Golden State Warriors. They added Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to a team led by MVP Russell Westbrook. OKC should be among the best in the West, but the “real” season will start for the Thunder come playoff time.

2013Recap: The team played its first season in Oklahoma City without Kevin Durant, who signed with the Warriors. That left Russell Westbrook as the Thunder’s go-to guy, and he responded with 42 “triple-doubles”—the most in NBA history. Westbrook led the NBA in scoring for the second time in three seasons, with 31.6 points per game, and was named league MVP. Unfortunately, he was unable to get his club deep into the playoffs, as OKC lost in the first round to the Rockets.

2013Season Preview: Injuries destroyed the Thunder’s hope of a return trip to the NBA Finals in 2014–15, but the trio of Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, and Russell Westbrook are ready to make another run this year. Veteran center Enes Kanter, who came to OKC from the Jazz last season, provides rebounding and defense, while guard Dion Waiters , who came over from the Cavs, can score in double-figures if needed.

2013Recap: Injuries kept All-Star Kevin Durant off the court for much of the season, and the Thunder missed the playoffs by one win. Russell Westbrook stepped up and not only led the team in scoring—he led the entire NBA with 28.1 points per game. He also led the NBA with 11 triple-doubles. Westbrook was named Western Conference Player of the Month in February, March, and April.

February 15, 2015: Russell Westbrook scored 41 points to lead the West squad to victory in the NBA All-Star Game. He set a record with 27 points in the first half and was named MVP. The only player to score more points in an All-Star Game was Wilt Chamberlain, with 42 in 1962.

Season Preview: Injuries to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant put the Thunder's season in grave jeopardy, but also created an opportunity for their teammates to take a bigger role. Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, and Steven Adams have the talent to be big contributors as Oklahoma City tries to make it back to the NBA Finals.

2013Recap: The Thunder won the Northwest Division with 59 victories—second-most in the NBA. Kevin Durant won his fourth scoring title and his first MVP award, as he led the club in points, assists, 3-pointers, and steals. He was also second in rebounds. Durant had been the MVP runner-up the previous three seasons. In the playoffs, the Thunder advanced to the conference finals but lost to the Spurs.

Oklahoma City Thunder Team Spirit

This card from 1970 was called a "tallboy." It was the same width as regular cards, but much longer. Topps made them for two seasons before going back to the normal size. (Topps, Inc.)


Oklahoma City Thunder Team Spirit

This card of Nick Collison shows him in his suit on Draft Day in 2003. (Topps, Inc.)


Bob Rule — 6 '9" Center/Forward
Born: 6/29/1944
Played for Team: 1967–68 to 1970–71
Bob Rule was a star from the moment he stepped on the court for Seattle in 1967. An injury to his Achilles tendon ended his All-Star career, but before getting hurt he was averaging 25 points and 10 rebounds a night for the Sonics.

Slick Watts — 6' 1" Guard
Born: 7/22/1951
Played for Team: 1973–74 to 1977–78
Donald "Slick" Watts had lightning-fast hands and feet, which enabled him to lead the NBA in assists and steals. Watts was also very involved with charities and community events in Seattle, making him one of the most popular Sonics in history.

Shawn Kemp — 6' 10" Forward/Center
Born: 11/26/1969
Played for Team: 1989–90 to 1996–97
Few NBA players have ever combined power and skill the way Shawn Kemp did. On many of his drives to the basket, opponents simply moved out of the way. In the 1996 NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls, he averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds a game.

Sam Perkins— 6' 9" Forward/Center
Born: 6/14/1961
Played for Team: 1992–93 to 1997–98
Sam Perkins could play any position on the court. His skill and experience helped the Sonics reach the 1996 NBA Finals. Perkins helped the team reach the playoffs every year he played for the Sonics.

Nick Collison — 6' 10" Forward/Center
Born: 10/26/1980
First Season with Team: 2003–04
Nick Collison and Kevin Durant were the last two Thunder players to have worn the Seattle uniform. Collison was a standout at the power forward position, giving the team great defense year in and year out.

Oklahoma City Thunder Team Spirit

Kevin Durant twists around Blake Griffin on the cover of a 2014 Sports Illustrated. The magazine celebrated Durant's first MVP award. (TIME Inc./Sports Illustrated)


In 2013–13, Kevin Durant was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player. No player in Thunder or Sonics history had ever been named the league's MVP. Durant, Tom Chambers and Lenny Wilkens had won All-Star Game MVPs and Dennis Johnson was named Finals MVP.

Tom Meschery was one of the team's first stars in the 1960s and early 1970s. After basketball, he earned a masters degree in poetry, published a book of poems, and taught English in Nevada. Meschery is a descendant of the famed Russian author Leo Tolstoy. He is a member of the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame.

In 1996, the NBA celebrated its 50th year by picking its 50 Greatest Players and 10 Greatest Coaches. Lenny Wilkens was the only person to make both lists.

Oklahoma City Thunder Team Spirit

Topps went back to the tallboys for one season, in 1976–77. These cards were taller and also wider than their regular cards. It's impossible to find holders for them! (Topps, Inc.)


2009–10 — Kevin Durant — 30.2
2010–11 — Kevin Durant — 27.7
2011–12 — Kevin Durant — 28.0
2013–14 — Kevin Durant — 32.0

No member of the team has led the league in rebounding.

1969–70 — Lenny Wilkens — 9.1*
1975–76 — Slick Watts — 8.1*

1975–76 — Slick Watts — 3.2*
1993–94 — Nate McMillan — 3.0*
1995–96 — Gary Payton — 2.9*

Steals did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

2011–12 — Serge Ibaka — 3.7
2012–13 — Serge Ibaka — 3.0

Blocks did not become an official statistic until 1973–74.

* Played as Seattle Supersonics

Oklahoma City Thunder Team Spirit

Fans bought this program during the 1996 NBA Finals. The Sonics lost to the Bulls in six games. (National Basketball Association)



National Basketball Association Finals

1977–78 Washington Bullets Lost 3–4*
1978–79 Washington Bullets Won 4–1*
1995–96 Chicago Bulls Lost 2–4*
2011–12 Miami Heat Lost 1–4


* Played as Seattle Supersonics

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